Need a song to go along with your beach vacation vibe? Sunset Boulevard by Emblem3 might just be the one for you. Starting off with plenty of guitar strumming, the band builds up the song with upbeat melodies and their charming voices. It is hard not to spoil the replay button when songs evoke such positive energy.

Emblem3 is best known for their debut in the American reality TV music competition, X Factor. The band were recognised for standing by their decision to perform an original song for the audition, even after the judges warned them that it’d be more challenging. Sunset Boulevard was the song they chose for their audition piece, and they succeeded with flying colours.

The trio distinct themselves from the regular boy band with their reggae pop style and beach vibe, which attracted audience’s attention and garnered them a substantial fan base.

Even though the lyrics carries pretty insignificant meaning, Sunset Boulevard carries a merry tune that can get anyone easily hooked onto. Unlike most songs that sing for love between two individuals, this is a song about their love for California, which is why “city of angels” is repeated throughout the lyrics.

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