Listening to Temples, a four men band, might remind you of another iconic band, The Beatles.  Part of their debut album- Sun Structure, the Shelter Song (and the rest of music) was inspired by the psychedelic era containing sugary 1960s style vocal harmonies, chiming 12-string guitar, and blurry sonics that recalls the cassette era. Temples fall under the genre of classic old-fashioned narcotic guitar rushes.

With the pairing of unique outfits and kaleidoscope effect, the colourful video is sure to take your mind away and be fully absorbed into the music. Adopting a peculiar accent and effortless style of singing captures the audiences’ attention with its calming and mesmerising melody. Coyly ambiguous lyrics has become a signature style for Temples and Shelter is a happy love song that is conveyed in a shy, affection way.

Bringing nostalgia music back in a creative way is certainly inspiring and exciting to many. Listen to the full album to recieve the full essence from Temples!