Do you know what I cringe to sometimes? When people take two words and make it a thing. Words like staycation (stay and vacation), glamping (glamour and camping) or –shudders- bromance (brothers and romance). And here we have another word that is making its way up the ranks of words-that-are-not-supposed-to-be-words: athleisure (athlete and leisure).

Scoff as much as I might, but athleisure is actually a perfect description of this fashion trend. Due to the current generation of #fitspos and the sudden boom of sport designers, athleisure has found its way on the racks of retail outlets, giving consumers a choice to wear these threads in the name of fitness, or perhaps as a fashion statement to brunch with the girls.

So it’s kind of like sporty chic, but without actually working out. Lazy girls and boys might rejoice to the fact that wearing gym clothes is now accepted to meet people in places, but key words please: sporty chic. Please refrain from meeting people looking all lumpy and sour. So here’s a basic guide to rocking the athleisure trend, but to deal with the awkwardness of telling people you didn’t actually work out is on you.

Mixing and Matching

Cutest Athleisure Brands:

It is called athleisure for a reason, and not just athlete. You might need to mix and match a few pieces of clothing to reach the desired athleisure look, instead of dressing head to toe in a tracksuit.

Up Your Shoe Game

Grey sweater, white jeans & white trainers | @styleminimalism:

Leave your nasty worn shoes at the gym, and don on a pair of ultra sporty kicks. A super chic pair of shoes really elevates an outfit. When in doubt, go for sporty shoes that of crisp white.

Go Easy With The Colour Scheme

Vanessa Balli: Sporty Chic | athleisure sporty chic sporty style streetstyle fashion style lifestyle activewear women lifestyle shoes sneakers style health nutrition training fit active womens inspiration fitness womenswear | Bayse Womens Athleisure Apparel | Activewear, Basics & Essentials:


If you’re concern on matching colours, nothing is more chic than black on black. Or perhaps you can stick to neutrals colours like white or navy blue. Geometrics prints is something you might to experiment with if you’re feel a little adventurous!

Consider The Proportions

Photo via: The Quarter Life Closet When going to grab a quick coffee, you don't always want to take the time to get out of your comfortable clothing. Luckily, the athleisure trend is going strong and:


Gym clothes usually go two ways – barely there with a sports bra and breathable short shots, or fully-clothed with a baggy sweatpants and a protective windbreaker.  You might want to play with the proportions of the article of clothing if you choose for the athleisure look. For instance, shorter top with high rise bottoms, or a slouchy top with a skin-tight leggings.

Details Count

athleisure outfit:


It sometimes requires a single fashion article of clothing or accessory to turn gym to street. Throwing on an oversize bomber jacket, whipping out a classic pair of wayfarer, or even tying a flannel shirt around the waist might turn your outfit around. And what’s more, it is quick and fuss-free.