The Dark Side Of High Heels

Recent cases has shown how there is a ludicrous need to force women to wear heels to work for “societal norms” of looking professional. A recent viral photo of an employee’s blood-soak feet emerged on Facebook after her friend had posted about it to criticise the Canadian restaurant for having an outdated policy of enforcing all female staff to wear heels unless they were medically restricted.


Just weeks after, another incident has gained global coverage due to the preposterous reason of a woman who was sent home without pay for refusing to wear heels but instead choosing to wear smart ballet flats to work. Nicola Thorp, 27, was also laughed at by her supervisor when she brought into contention that the male employee beside her was also wearing flats before leaving. Receiving such injustice had obviously incited her to start a petition to give prominence to the ridiculous expectation that women be physically uncomfortable throughout the duration of the entire workday.

The petition has since garnered more than 100,000 signatures.

In reference to both cases, it is alarming that the regulations of the working dress code has become so outdated and sexist that the notion of not wearing heels to work meant a breach of what is “appropriate”. In comparison with the shoes of working men, they too, wear covered, flat footwear. So since when was there ever a required need for woman to wear high heels?

As we are already in the 21st century, I am truly appalled by the apparent lack of logical judgement and business ethics in society’s context of what is considered to be a professional image.

How High Heels Became A Compulsory Thing

Looking back at the history of high heels, they have been worn by both genders and have always been a sign of poise long before they were associated by the terms of fashion and feminism. Heeled shoes becoming a topic for feminists is exactly due to the ravages of time, imprinting that putting on a pair of stilettos equaled an air of superiority. This created a standard of beauty in high heels, whether in politics or in fashion.

With science confirming that avid wearers of high heels increases posture damages and foot ailments, it evidently affirms that women shouldn’t be subjected to such discomfort while working. This doesn’t mean that all women should never wear heels ever again. Don’t get me wrong but I love all my beautiful heels.

When I See Heels, I Think It is Art.



Bringing your stiletto A-game on gives the illusion of seemingly slender legs, it makes us look taller, and we are taken more seriously while wearing a pair. Looking chic and feeling freaking fly about our #ootds gives us a literal leg-up as a confident career woman. And at the same time, we attain that extra grit we need of ourselves to face the world.

At the end of the day, the numerous stilettos in you shoe closet and the people around you define you. So go on, wear a pair of Nike air max and look fab in it! Deciding what shoes we want to wear and perceiving them as a form of acceptance is a very personal choice and we should have our own rights to do so in this issue. So, wear whatever shoes you deemed appropriate and disregard all the dress codes that are so passé.

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