The curse of acne may sometimes be deemed as too cruel to be wished upon your enemies. As harmless as it seems, acne is a crippling skin condition that makes or breaks the self-esteem of an individual. Before you write off the frivolity of this superficial problem, there is so much more to acne that affects people suffering from it, to the extent of having psychological and social consequences.

Like myself, acne-sufferers may resonate with me that acne is like perpetual ticking time bomb. We have our highs and lows, days of clear skin or weeks of a raging breakout. On days when my acne clears up, there is a skip to my step, a boost of confidence and ironically, a looming dread that hangs over my head. I know for a fact that my clear skin won’t last for long. And I’m usually right. Pimples would soon resurface, causing the vicious cycle to repeat itself once more.

But great news, there seems to be a cure for acne. Yes, a cure. How?

By completely removing the oil glands.

How Does It Work?

Ageless Medical Centre brings you AGNES acne machine, the latest technology from Korean that successfully eradicates stubborn adult acne permanently.


The AGNES machine works by using a tiny partially insulated microneedle to deliver radiofrequency waves that destroys the sebaceous gland that causes acne outbreak. The sebaceous glands/oil glands are inside the skin which secrete an oily or waxy matter called sebum, to lubricate the skin. And sometimes when we excrete to much of the sebum, it clogs pores and bacteria starts building up, causing acne to form.



First of all, be prepared to spend 2 hours minimum for the whole procedure (extraction + AGNES + Healite). It takes pretty long. Especially the first part when you will under go an acne peel to cleanse and soften the face in preparation for a brutal and thorough extraction. The reason for a more heavy-duty extraction is because the oil glands may run deep in pores, and if the gunk is not removed properly, the treatment might be ineffective.

You might be thinking that removing the oil glands might be a little too extreme to combat acne, because these glands are there for a reason and we shouldn’t tamper with them. Well, rest assured as AGNES will treat only 100-200 pores out of a total of thousands of pores on your face, so it is not as extreme as one would imagine.

After extraction, you will be asked to take painkillers and numbing cream will be applied on your face before the commencement of AGNES. From there, Dr Lam performs the treatment by looking at every single one of these pores under a microscope, and selectively inserting the micro-needle into the inflamed pores to destroy the oil gland.

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Pain-wise, it depends on the sensitivity of the face. Certain parts may have a tingling sensation, while areas such as the forehead and nose might get a little more painful. After the procedure is done, you will undergo the rays of Healite, a low-level light therapy – a therapeutic use of light emitting diode (LED) to enhance the body’s natural cellular recovery, improving healing times, relieving pain, subsiding active acne and also promoting skin rejuvenation.

Be expected to return the next day for a second round of extraction and a radio frequency(bipolar) treatment to clear any debris in the pores, melt away the sebum and tighten skin.


The immediate outcome of the procedure might not be too ideal. Your skin will be littered with distinct red spots due to the insertions of the needle, but you skin will be free of bumps and oil spots. Therefore, it is advisable to have the procedure during a time lull in activities. The downtime recovery might take two – three days, and then a full month to seethe maximum results. You will also be given cream and antibiotics for personal post-care treatment.

Final Thoughts

I have oily skin with bout of adult acne that I’m always at battle with. With AGNES, I definitely saw a dramatic difference in my skin in terms of it being less oily. My acne cleared and my blackheads reduced. However, after getting off the meds and cream, pimples and blemishes still resurfaced but this time they were less aggressive. Ageless Medical Centre explains that AGNES differs to each and every customer, a single treatment might be sufficient for you, while others may need a few more.

Victims of acne are all too familiar with the arduous journey of combating this vile disease. From the facial products they switch ever so frequently, to the application of benzoyl peroxides, serums and even the numerous facials with state-of-the-art technology they patronise, sufferers, like me, start being our own experts of skincare without the complexion to prove that. Therefore, AGNES acne treatment at Ageless Medical Centre might be our only saving grace to finally remove acne permanently.


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