There’s nothing wrong with going bold, or following the latest fad when it comes to make up. Despite so, when we blindly follow trending makeup looks, it might do us bad instead of good. Therefore, it is still advisable to learn classic makeup looks for the long run.

Lightweight Base


For the base makeup, I would recommend a lightweight foundation, or a BB cream. Personally, I use my foundation as a concealer to cover hyper-pigmentation, or whenever a zit decides to say hello to the world. Simply using a small tip brush, I’ll apply them only to the areas I need.

For my dark under eyes, I need a little more help. Using an illuminating concealer, I dap a layer or two directly at the darkest point, instead of layering it on the entire under eye area. Remember that it’s fine for some of your panda eye to still peek through; no one possess zero under eye problems.

Set your liquid products lightly with either a translucent powder, or one with a light coverage.

Add Healthy Glow & Colour


Rosy and radiant skin is referred to being healthy and youthful, hence that type of makeup look is always sought after. Find a blusher that suits your skin tone, and a highlighter than doesn’t contain too much glitter. If possible, find one that gives a watery glow for the most natural-looking highlight. Cream blushers and highlighter are my favourites, as they make a person look as though they are flushing from inside out. With cream products, make sure that your setting powder is applied after, or else, the cream products will not fuse into the skin properly.

For bronzers, skip on them if not needed. The use of bronzers is essentially to add dimension after the foundation has washed off the colours. Since the timeless make up does not require a whole bunch of foundation, bronzer is not necessary.

Classy Eyebrows


I know, I know, thick and bushy eyebrows are all the rage now. However, if the trend ten years ago was to keep as little hair on the brows as possible, what makes you so sure this trend, popularised by Miss Delevingne, will stay forever? If you cringe upon seeing your old brows, it’s most likely you will too in the future with your bold eyebrows. Furthermore, going bare on the brows is most likely to become an upcoming trend, as shown on certain runways.

Go au naturel if you could, if not, try to mimic your real hairs by making them look light and feathery, instead of drawing them dark and thick, or even sculpting the shape with concealer. Keep them neat and classy; trim and fill in only at the areas you need, and try to follow the natural shape of your brows as much as possible.

Complementing Eyes


Keep your eyes looking bright and clear. If you need eyeliner, find out which way to draw them complements your eye shape. Eyeliner is supposed to open up your eyes, so keep them thin with a slight wing. Throw on a bit of mascara to add a little flutter to the windows of your soul.

For eye shadows, go with a neutral shade to simply give more dimension.

Natural Lips


Many say red lips are the most classic and timeless look. However, if you look closely, a vibrant red lip has its ups and downs among the trends. The true timeless makeup is to make the whole look resemble an enhanced version of yourself.

For a day-to-day look, go with a one that matches as close to your lip colour as possible. Ladies with pale lips like me, I understand that we can’t possible still go on with that. Pick a nude with a pink base, or smear on some lip stain for that natural tint.


The trick to the timeless makeup look is to keep it minimal and simple. Enhance your natural features, and keep the others standing anywhere other than the spotlight. At the end of the day, you should still look like yourself, but a better and more polished version.

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