Many people cite the surge of adrenaline as one of the best aspects of getting a tattoo. The human body is programmed to respond to pain with adrenaline and endorphins. They protect us from feeling the excruciating pain, making it a rather ‘enjoyable’ process. This is why though you’re sitting on chair for hours and not free-falling off a plane, it still falls under the same category adventurous activities.

Bringing Travel Memoir To A Whole New Level

There’s something about exploring foreign territory that makes us want to explore new parts of ourselves. Almost everywhere we go, we will be able to find something that caters to our thrill-seeking nature. Think white water rafting, bungee jumping, sky-diving and the list goes on.

What is common in all of this? Adrenaline. All of these activities give us a sense of thrill and excitement. The same goes for a travel tattoo. Each legendary vacation deserves an epic keepsake. It can be a shot glass to signify the amount of partying that went on in that city or a sweet postcard to resemble the weekend getaway with a special one and in some cases, a tattoo.

What better way to commemorate a life-altering travel experience with a beautiful souvenir inked onto a part of you? It’s definitely cooler than a keychain and it will surely last longer than a bottle of whiskey. Every time you glance at your tattoo or when someone asks you about it, your memories will take you back to that special place and the adventures that followed.

Things To Note Before Getting Your Vacation Tattoo

1) Timing is important

When you’re planning to get tattooed during your vacation, timing is of utmost importance. You should get tattooed towards the end of your trip but definitely not, at the very last second. Find a tattoo artist early in your trip and make an appointment for the day before you leave. You’ll need to avoid beaches, lakes and pools after getting your tattoo and not to mention, you will be a little sore. So do yourself a favour and don’t ruin your trip by getting your tattoo on the first day of your vacation.

2) Make sure you do your research 

This is when social media becomes your favourite go-to source to know more about the tattoo parlours at your travel destination. Check their social media accounts and read reviews on their services. However, just like everything else on the internet, you can’t believe everything you see on the world wide web. Talk to locals when you’re travelling and get their opinions on the available and “so-called” popular tattoo artists in that city. Nothing gets better than a local’s perspective.

3) Keep it simple

Your vacation is not the time to dive into an elaborate sleeve tattoo or an intense half-back tattoo, unless of course you’re in Miami and Ami James is your tattoo artist. Then by all means, go bongus. It takes time for a tattoo artist to conceptualise a design for you unless you’ve already pre-planned to make getting tattooed the focus of your trip.

UntitledIt may seem like a great idea to get tattooed overseas and to return home with a keepsake that’ll last a lifetime but resist the temptation to get permanently inked with unfamiliar symbols or intricate scripts like Chinese charcaters because one missed stroke or errant mark is all it takes to drastically change the meaning of the tattoo. Make sure you understand what the tattoo means in different cultures before committing.