The trendiest accessories these day are not bags, shoes or that Dior necklace launched a few weeks ago. Holding a $9 bottle of cold-pressed juice, taking a swing of your ‘glowing green smoothie’ or parading your yoga mat as you head to your next spinning class – now that’s trendy. Without a lover? It’s okay. Wait, it is even sexier. You, a singleton, who is fiercely independent, works out, eats clean and drinks at least eight glasses of water a day. Honey, you’re on top of your game where no man can drag you down.

You know you’re in control of your life, your mind and your health. But you always wondered what if you tried something a little different. Something that shakes you from your daily routine. Do you dare to take a stir in the pot and perhaps, just perhaps…incorporate supplements into your diet for that benefits you may be missing out?

Supplements, What Exactly Are They?

Everyone, presumably, must have taken some sort of supplements in their life. It could be when you were issued by a doctor to combat deficiencies, or maybe your paranoid mother who craftily handed you a bunch of chewables that claim to be choked with vitamin C.

The production of vitamins started way long ago in the 1930s after the World War II and was distributed widely ever since. Vitamin supplements can be artificial and natural, though most of the time they are available in the former form. Now, the manufacturing of vitamin supplements exists in many different ways and it is up to the consumer to be educated in this area. The type that sets most consumers at ease is supplements that claim to be natural. However, it only has to include 10% of actual natural plant-derived ingredients to be marked ‘natural’. The other 90% could be synthetic.

Real Food VS Supplements

So begs the question, what are the supplements for if we are getting enough of nutrients from the food we eat?

The answer to that is with another question of whether you are even getting enough of nutrients on a daily basis in the first place? Real, whole foods will definitely be far superior than the supplements you buy off the shelves. They are of greater nutrients, hold essential fibre to your health and lastly, you will be certain to exactly what you put into your body.

Supplements are recommended for those who lack of specific nutrients. The key thing to remember is that supplements are never used as substitutes to your meals. Think of them as filling the gaps in a diet.

Why Supplements Might Be Good For You

The advocaters of supplements brought up several substantial reasons to incorporate these vitamins into your diet.

For starters, our society has deteriorated in terms of environmental and social factors as compared to what it was before. For instance, many have cited how there is a depletion of soil nutrients due to improper farming practices which affects the vegetables and fruits we eat. The amount of toxins we are exposed to without even realising has increased, such as industrial solvents and unnatural gases. And our modern lives of stress and lack sleep might be the cause of the deficient of nutrients we absorb.

However, Do Take Caution

In an article from The Guardian, it boldly reported that a group of scientists has proved that “vitamin supplements almost never have health benefits, are a waste of money and could even be harmful”. They even went on to say that it is supplement companies were fueling false health anxieties to offer unnecessary cures.

Another article puts in clearly that too much of supplements might be instead harmful. Except for fish oil and vitamin D, Dr. Loren Cordain, a Professor of the Department of Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University states, supplements are a total waste of time and money. He likens it to overinflating a tyre, it ruptures. Same goes for your body. The alarming behaviour made by many is that they take high doses of B and antioxidant vitmanins because they are deem to protect from cancer and heart disease. Instead, it is reported it increases the risk of dying from cancer heart and all causes combined.

Final Words

Personally, something that is mass produced and artificially-made always call for concerns. A nightmare for any pill-popper is the sudden recall of their brand of supplements due to deficiency in them. If you’re someone without any health concerns, you best bet is to stick to real foods and maintain a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. And of course be fabulous while you’re at it.