Let me start by saying that I am someone who frequently indulges in a professional facial once in every two months. The sessions are two hours long, the extractions are sometimes excruciating, and these treatments can cost quite a fair bit. My facials started out a couple of years back, when I was just entering my adulthood and still suffering the remnants of my onset teenage acne. Hence, I decided to take up drastic measures to combat these stubborn zits and headed for my first facial session.

I remembered everything being all so brand new to me. Like a mini spa, I was brought to a private room and was instructed to lay on the treatment bed before the beautician went on with her craft. Allowing a stranger to liberally touch my face is a first for me, but I enjoyed the way her fingers glided and manoeuvred across the surface of my skin. It was like a face massage, till that part when she started extractions. “You have a lot of blackheads!” I recalled her exclaiming as I winced in pain at the 456th squeeze of a blackhead. When that was done, I underwent a laser treatment called IPL (Intense Pulse Light) recommended by the parlour for acne. Trust me when I tell you that the treatment worked, and my face situation was a lot better.

Fast forward to today, I still go for these facials because I am not blessed with good skin genetics and there is no such thing as a cure for imperfect skin. Stress, an unhealthy diet and lack of sleep are few reasons for a breakout to happen. Facials for me is just extra TLC for the face. I look at it as maintenance, but more so as something I splurge on to pamper myself.

So back to the question, are facials really necessary and should you spend money on them?

There is no true answer to this. If you were to google the above question, seek advice from several dermatologists, ask your peers on how they feel about facials, you will get a whole set contradictory answers from all around.

Let’s put this in perspective, facials are not essential for skincare. However, it can be a valuable addition to your routine for beautiful skin. In fact, it boils down to the person performing the facial on you and not the facial itself. It is quite worrying to think that someone inexperience is touching your face which can be inflicting more hurt than help for your skin.

So before you decide spending that extra dollar on a facial, remember the type of facial parlour matters the most. A professional and reliable parlour should assess your skin concerns before pinpointing the right treatment for you. Even so, do your own research before deciding to do one.