In the past, relationships used to be between two parties. Today, a relationship comprises of the couple, their family and relatives, friends, maybe third parties, and last but not least, social media.

The use of social media platforms has become so prevalent in this generation that simply not updating your Facebook for a day will send others wondering if you’re dead. We post the clothes we wear, the things we eat, and our relationships. With it being tied so closely to our daily life, the things to keep private or share publicly have become a big blurry mess.

Sure, the Internet has offered us convenient ways to reconnect and even rekindle relationships, however, many underestimated its power to destroy that bond as well.

Possessive Of The Pictures Your Significant Other Posts


Social media definitely causes more insecurities, and in more than one aspect. It has never been easier for jealousy to arise in relationships. Simply posting a picture with someone else might send your significant other spam-calling you, and questioning you like you’ve committed a crime.

Taking Status Updates Too Seriously


Are you reading too much into a simple status update? The reason why others always say that a quarrel is better resolved face-to-face is because tone and body language is really important in a conversation. A sentence from a status update can mean a million things just by changing the way it is being said.

Lusting Over Other Couples


People tend not to expose the negative aspects of their relationship on social media, and thus, subconsciously creating a “perfect” image of their life.

Take Instagram for example — The picture perfect poses and sweet captions always gather many envious eyes. Pictures of the gift they got for their girlfriend might send your girlfriend asking, “why do others’ boyfriends dote on them so much, but you don’t”.

These will kick-start the habit of comparison, and putting higher expectations on the other half. Couples will start to focus on what they don’t have, instead of looking at what they have and be grateful for it.

Every person is at a different place during various period of his or her life. Just because that guy on Instagram owns a Lamborghini doesn’t mean that your boyfriend is a failure for not driving one.

Overusing Social Media


Nowadays, couples spend more time looking at their phones instead of having valuable, face-to-face interaction. Why do people send “I miss you” messages to the other party, but use their phones when they finally meet?

If there’s one thing we can never get back, it’ll be time, which is why it is the most important thing we can give one another. I’m not saying that you should deactivate and stop using all your social media platforms; I’m just saying be careful, because life is short.

Why invest so much time and effort on a virtual space? What happened to the saying, “live for the moment”?

Take Jeana Smith and Jesse Wellens of PrankvsPrank/ BFvsGF as a very good example. In the “break up video” above, they explained how it stresses them out to always be in the media’s eye, to be the “perfect couple”, and doing fun things all the time. Since social media is a very big part of their career, it has also taken a toll on their relationship. They stopped doing things for themselves, but were doing things so that their audiences would like it.

Sneaking Up On Your Partner’s Social Media


Overthinking can lead to many insecurities and paranoia, which eventually involves sneaking up on your loved one’s social media accounts. Some even took to the extent of requesting for all the passwords of every social media platform they own, and gets suspicious when you refuse to.

If you need to check on your partner’s phone to be at ease, where is the trust in the relationship?

Despite all the negative effects of social media have on relationships, they do have their advantages too. Technology work wonders for couples that are in a long distance relationship. Communication is the thing that brings two individuals closer, and social media will make the distance between them feel slightly shorter.

Over all, it’s all about moderation and they way a person uses it. Too much of anything can never be good, and abusing a privilege will only do you harm.