Snapchat filters have been all the rage for a while now. From the beauty filter that gives us a shockingly small nose and enormous eyes, to the infamous dog filter, they are undeniably fun to play with.

In the beauty world, gurus on Youtube have taken to their creativity to use these Snapchat filters as inspiration. Be it planning for your next Halloween-inspired get-up, or simply just for a quick laugh, you have to admit that they are fun to watch!

Dog Filter Makeup

Of course, we have to start with the dog filter, that I still have no idea why is it the most popular filter of all. I mean, there’s the beauty filter sitting right there! Nevertheless, it’s a pretty cute filter-inspired makeup that focuses mainly on the nose.

Comic Book/ Pop Art Filter Makeup

The comic book/ pop art filter inspired look certainly consists of a thick, flawless, and matte base makeup. Upon powdering to perfection, add expression lines accordingly using black eyeliner, accompanied by a bright red colour for the lips to finish off the look.

Drag Queen Filter Makeup

The drag queen inspired look is also another get-up that requires a caked-on foundation routine. With layers of base foundation, concealer, and powder, you still have to add on a ridiculous amount of bronzer. Extremely arched eyebrows are a must, matched with dark eye shadows that you have to drag it across the eyelids (pun intended).

Popping Eye Filter Makeup

Moving on to a whole other spectrum, the popping eye filter inspired look has more of a gothic feel to it. Personally, this makeup tutorial is what I would call art. Look at how 3D it appear to be by just using darker shadows and light highlights! If you’re good at drawing and art, give this look a go for Halloween. You’ll surely give some strangers a scare.

Puking Rainbow Filter Makeup

Though the dog Snapchat filter is the most used filter now, we will never forget the once-viral puking rainbow filter. Don’t ask me — I have no idea why this didn’t last as long as the dog filter. Celebrate this pre-loved, colourful filter this Halloween with a little body paint and white eyeliner!

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