The idea of sleeping in the nude seems rather uncomfortable, unhygienic and just unnecessary sensual for the night. I mean I’m all for going as lightweight as possible to bed, but to let everything hang out and not have some sort of a barrier in between your ‘openings’ have brought up certain concerns. But then again, don’t let one man’s words affect your mindset. Especially when they differ from Science, which, by the way, claims that sleeping naked provides you with unexpected benefits.

1) It Cools Down The Body Which Brings Better Sleep

Our body temperature declines naturally when you fall asleep. So when you sleep naked, it is more conducive for the natural declination of body temperature which not only leads to better sleep, and also improves blood circulation. So if you ever have trouble sleeping, peel off all your clothes!

2) Your Sexual Energy With Your Partner Is Kept Alive

Having an active sex life is good for health. And of course, being as naked as often as you can leads to more sex (duh!). Skin-to-skin contact also release cuddle hormone called Oxytocin, which is said to hold relationships together, according to Neuroeconomist Paul J.Zak.

3) You’ll Eat Less

Cortisol is a type of steroid hormone that affects your appetite. When sleeping naked aids with the declination of body temperature, your cortisol levels will also decrease which gives you restful sleep. However, if interrupted, your body will produce more cortisol and this will cause an acceleration in your appetite. So means getting better sleep means eating less means not packing on unnecessary pounds!

4) Your Private Parts Get To Breathe

Your lady parts are susceptible to the build-up of yeast and bacteria as they yield in areas that are moist and warm. Therefore, you might want to ditch the undies to let your vagina stay dry and healthy. For the ones with a penis, tightie whities can affect your sperm count so it’s best to just go commando.

5) Because It Encourages Laziness Which We Are Masters Of It

No laundry anyone? (But still, remember clean your sheets!)