As a 21 year old woman living in the 21st century (especially in the likes of such a fast-paced environment as Singapore), you don’t get the luxury of traveling often unless you are fairly wealthy OR exceptionally frugal OR (bless you, I envy you) your job entitles you to travel opportunities.

Reality hits especially hard when you are still a student working towards getting your diploma/degree/master’s so that you’ll someday be able to get a super-prestigious-fine-ass job and kickstart your eventual life of racking in big bucks to support your delirious exorbitant lifestyle.

Obviously, I am not talking about the millennials in Singapore who can afford to travel because your momma gave you the all-expenses-paid ticket. Apologies, but here is to all my homies who feel me, I see you for real.

I am talking about those of us who panic when our bank account number hits below the three digits. You wonder how are you gonna survive day-by-day without getting a part-time job or committing yourself to staying at home so you don’t spend money on shopping, café-hopping, eating Korean barbecue and just literally anything to do with the SGD.

Hear me now, I am not saying that it is IMPOSSIBLE to travel overseas. I am presently suffering very much from the withdrawal syndromes of wanderlust myself. An opportunist is what I pride myself to be(or at least what I have recently molded myself to be). As cliché as this phrase might seem, it is very real, life is only hard when you do not make the right choices for yourself.

The social aspects of traveling does not only amount to the fun moments, but it enables you to grow as a human being and causes you to become more open-minded and fuel your creative brain.

However, like I said in the beginning, being able to travel is a luxury. Instead of dreaming and whining or retweeting all the pretty islands/city getaways on Twitter or Facebook. Should you not get your lazy ass off the computer and couch and DO something about your seemingly pathetic life now(only if God forbids)?!

You were given the freedom to choose, so choose wisely! And thank me later for walking this path with you and possibly changing your perspective of life.

(Moving along from the pep talk!)


I have taken some time to compute an unprofessional guideline made by yours truly while standing from the same POV as you guys:

The Undeniable Tips On How You Can Travel

The Ingredients You Will Need: Time & Effort

Every single thing in Singapore is bloody costly, much less traveling to another country. This is just how things are, and to travel, you HAVE to get a job whether it is part-time/contract term/full-time/whatever(go crazy okay).

The Math:

  1. You HAVE to commit yourself to the job for 3-4 days/week
  2. for 3 months or so
  3. With a pay that is AT LEAST $7 per hour.

And then maybe, if you unwisely use up the entire $3-$4K(excluding the CPF, if you’re lucky, CPF won’t be deducted) that you have earned from the three months you have worked your ass off for, you could earn yourself a budgety trip to Korea for 10 days.

OR you could save half of your earnings and get yourself on a plane to Bali or Vietnam for a small beachy vacation.

Better yet, save the plane tickets and book a coach to the many destinations in Malaysia(or for novelty’s sake, you could enjoy the new KTM overnight sleeper train to Johor Bahru or Kuala Lumpur)

Saving up does do you good whether it be for better future travels or just to get you by with life.

I made my choice to do something about my life, so shouldn’t you? And I do believe we deserve experiencing the exhilarating joy of exploring this God-given planet, be it the seven wonders of the world or just a short trip to a neighbouring country. Remember, it is in our innate desires and instincts as human beings to travel since we are born with two feet to walk.