Coloured hair, especially bright ones, displays a sense of rebellion and boldness. Choosing the way our hair looks is a form of creativity. However, this art form often comes with a price; the ugly “fading period” of coloured locks which sometimes looks more like fur of a diseased rat.

Coming from someone who had red hair for a couple of years, I’ve learnt some tricks to maintain a my coloured head. Other than the common use of colour-protecting shampoos & conditioners, and getting high quality hair dye, there are still little things to note for longer-lasting hair colour. With proper care and a little research on the Internet, you can make your colour-treated mane to last longer, and look healthy!

Be it throwing hundreds at your hairdresser for a high quality hair dyeing session or a self-bought DIY kit, the aftercare for your locks is essentially the most important aspect of maintaining a beautiful mane. There is no use in spending tiresome hours if it fades away in a few weeks. So do yourself a favour, and keep these habits in check.


Don’t Wash Your Hair Everyday

To prolong the lifeline of your coloured locks, the best trick I’ve used is to wash my hair less often. Thankfully, we have now have the amazing beauty products such as dry shampoos and leave-in conditioners to help us in this process.

Personally, I wash my hair every two days when I was a red head and never really find the need to use dry shampoo (I don’t perspire much). I’ll also plan my workouts on days I have to wash my hair so that it doesn’t have a smell to it.

Rinse With Cool Water


Warm water opens the hair cuticle, allowing the colour to escape. This is especially important to those who have multi-coloured hair. Cold water reduce bleeding and turning your hair into a mess of paint mixture.

If showering with cold water is not for you, put your head under the water (avoiding your body), wash and put it up in a towel before washing your body. Otherwise, make sure you do quick showers and adjust the water temperature as low as you can take it.

Refrain From Styling and Drying With Heat

Dyed hair is as damaged as it is, so try to keep away from any form heat.

I let my hair air dry most of the time, but if there really is a need for blow-drying, set it at the lowest heat. Make sure to apply hair oils straight after so that the opened cuticles won’t be absorbing in air, causing it to become dry and frizzy.

For styling, I tied my hair in a fishtail braid with slightly damp hair before bed, and wake up with gorgeous curls. Not only does it save time and effort, but it is also better for your hair too! However, I do know of those days when you just have to use heat styling. Just make sure to apply heat-protecting styling product beforehand!

Stay Away From Sun Exposure As Much As Possible


L’Oreal Hair Expertise Ever Pure UV protection Spray

Similarly to our skin, too much sun exposure isn’t good for our hair colour. If you’ll be spending a long time under the sun, wear a hat for protection. Another option is to use UV protection sprays to give it a little shield from the harmful rays.

Avoid Swimming 

Besides the bleeding of hair colour, chemicals in chlorine can cause lighter coloured hair to turn into an unsightly green hue. Before jumping into the pool, apply leave-in conditioner to provide a light layer of protection.


After Colouring, Wait At Least 48 hours Before You Wash Your Hair


To prevent premature colour-loss, allow at least two days for the colour to set. It is even recommended to go up to three or four days before washing your hair if possible! Hello, dry shampoo.

Mix Some Of Your Hair Dye Into Your Conditioner.


By adding hair dye to your conditioner, you’re essentially depositing a tiny bit of colour every time you condition, which means that it’ll take longer for the colour to fade. Of course, this goes without saying that this is only applicable to one solid colour hair.