Premium naturalist brand THEFACESHOP has recently released two new products to their existing The Therapy skincare collection. They are The Therapy’s First Serum and Moisture Blending Formula Cream.

Containing a 200-year-old traditional blending formula, The Therapy Anti-Aging line was born with the core aim of creating beautiful skin that looks youthful and firm. I’ve personally tried the two latest products to see if they really do walk the talk and I pride myself on being as honest as I can be. This is my take on THEFACESHOP latest technology in anti-aging skincare:

Does The Magic Really Work?


First Serum


Price: 47.90SGD

As per it’s name, The First Serum is the skincare’s 1st step serum which is basically the very first product to be applied on your skin. To some skincare gurus out there this skincare routine may seem new but to others who may be wondering why the serum first and not the toner?

The First Serum focuses on replenishing moisture within the skin(in particular, the many blind spots on the skin surface) with crystal particles, boosting the absorption of the next product while keeping the skin in its prime condition. It claims to:

  1. hydrate
  2. lightly exfoliate
  3. prep the skin texture for a bright, glowing complexion

My skin type is pretty normal, so a serum that is lightly exfoliating? I have to say, I really like how weightless this product really feels on my skin and it does clear some of the white heads on my face. The First Serum definitely did boost absorption as it took roughly 30minutes for my skin to drink in all 5 of the skincare products (mentioned below), and there isn’t an after-sticky feeling at all.

Moisture Blending Formula Cream


Price: 59.90SGD

It is of utmost importance to know what is your skin type so that you’ll be getting the right skincare for yourself. For example, people with dry skin may need a richer/heavier type of cream to deeply moisture your skin whereas, people with oily skin may usually need a gel-based moisturiser as it is lighter on the skin.

Hear, hear! The Moisture Blending Formula Cream consists of a top layer that is a mixture of essential oils and thalassotherapy water and a bottom layer of highly moisturising cream. The unique point of this product is that I had to use a spatula to mix the formula myself to create a resulting long lasting water-oil hydrating barrier for your skin. It claims to:

  1. meticulously fill the skin
  2. moisturise the skin, leaving a dewy and plumped aftereffect.

Personally, I usually can’t stand the heavy leftover sticky feeling after the skincare routine. Unlike the First Serum, I wouldn’t say that the Moisture Blending Formula Cream did not completely make me feel irky at all but I’ll say that it is still fairly lightweight. Cause hey, as long as you slather something on your face, you’ll be feeling it.

Are They A Yay Or Nay?

So here’s how my skincare routine went for the past two weeks committing only to products from The Therapy line:

First Serum → Essential Tonic Treatment → Emulsion → Oil Drop Anti-Aging Serum → Moisture Blending Formula Cream

For all the aforementioned products, it was recommended for the them to be pumped onto a cotton pad before usage but I prefer taking about one pump before applying the product directly onto my skin(to avoid wastage too). I’ll usually wait for about 20-30seconds for every interval before moving on to the next step.

Long story short, as you can see, I worked with a 5-step skincare process for the past 8 out of 14days.

However, my skin could not accept such an extensive routine everyday. I did break out in pimples after using it almost everyday. I was just trying to test the absorbency rate of the First Serum and the rest of the line.

Lesson learnt: Skincare should be used in moderation. (But just for you guys, I’ll be on pimple cream for awhile.)

It’s hard to try and test every skincare product in such a pricey beauty industry, it’s either a hit or miss with the numerous product reviews online. My point is, what is right for me, may not be right for you as different people have different types of skin and level of sensitivity, so do be vigilant and get some samples before you invest in the line!

What Else Is In Store?

With the rise of the fast and easy application of cushion compacts and it’s great coverage. THEFACESHOP has collaborated with My Other Bag for their latest Cushion Compact line with three different designs and formulas to suit the many different skin types based on your preference.


From Top to Bottom: Jackie X THEFACESHOP CC Cushion Intense Cover,” “Sophia X THEFACESHOP CC Cushion Ultra Moist,” and “Zoey X THEFACESHOP Oil Control Water Cushion” 

The CC Cushion Intense Cover is a product that has the colour control function of CC Cream and Cushion’s moisturising function, so it makes skin look bright, clean, and flawless with blooming effect.

The CC Cushion Ultra Moist makes skin look hydro-radiant with its glow effect and abundant moisture.

The Oil Control Water Cushion leaves the skin looking matte and fresh all day long with its oil control effect.

All three Cushion Compacts contain SPF 50+++ PA+++
Available in shades V201 and V203

Price: 32.90SGD

Where To Get Them?

All of the above-mentioned products are available at all THEFACESHOP stores islandwide except for the My Other Bag cushion collection – available only in 9 stores: Wisma, Tampines 1, Jurong Point, Bugis, Plaza Sing, North point, Jem Mall, Junction 8 & Nex.

All images provided, courtesy of The Face Shop.