Fashion never stops changing, every decade and every year will be something different. The cycle changes rapidly and it is hard to keep up with it; especially when social media platforms becoming visual outlets for these fashion trends or fads to catch on like wild fire with a just a mere upload, a like or retweet.  But even before the rise of the Internet, ridiculous fashion trends have always been around. Only when the cycle has passed do we question the ridiculousness of the trend. So lets look back and cringe at the weirdest, most outrageous fashion trend that the fashion world has presented to us.



Although this is relatively new, don’t be surprise that Bbhoodz is the in thing you will see on Instagram and other social media platforms. YouTuber Karen Yeung started this style and aesthetic look called Bbhoodz, where she recreated looks that are inspired by our childhood. For example when we were younger, some of us would have been dressed in bright, pastel colours. The trend was reported in Michelle Phan’s trend report video. In the words of Karen, “basically it is what mom would dress you when you’re a toddler. [So using] the type of colours, primary colours or even like pastel colours. The whole idea is that you really don’t want to grow up”. She stressed that it is not about looking sexy, but the focus is more on the clothes. If that confuses you, then we are in the same boat. Check out Karen’s Instagram (@iamkareno) and the hashtag #bbhoodz.

Armadillo Shoes

02 - Armadillo_Shoes



During 2010, the time when Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance video was out and the late Alexander McQueen was all the rage, a pair Armadillo shoes was nothing more than a dream to most women can only dream as a pair would cost a whopping $3, 900 to $10, 000 a pair, depending on the style, embroidery and skin. According to the late designer during an interview with The New York Times, the shoe is like a fantasy because the world needs more of it. Aside from Gaga, the only other prominent figure to wear the shoe is Daphne Guinness; heir to the Guinness Empire but editors at British Vogue thinks the shoes ”miserably failed to make it further than the Vogue fashion cupboard.’‘ As of last year three pairs of Alexander McQueen’s iconic Armadillo boots that were up for auction at Christie’s New York have been sold for a combined $295,000.

Is this luxury item crazy? Indeed, but sometimes the most insane fashion item is the most memorable. So much so it will be written in fashion bibles and history books. Thus this creation is a fitting finale creation by McQueen before his untimely departure.


Shoulder Pads

03 - shoulder pads


The introduction of The Fashion Shoulder Pad sprung to life in 1931, championed by designers Marcel Rochas and Elsa Schiaparelli. A year later, when Joan Crawford wore a massively shoulder-centric dress in the movie Letty Lynton, the shoulder was the new EVERYTHING. However the trend died down after World War II, but resurfaced in the 1980s to help women assume — or overcome — the role of men. It wasn’t pretty, but prettiness was the enemy. When women entered the workforce, they wanted to be treated seriously in order to make their way up the corporate ladder. Therefore a power suit, shoulder-padded within an inch of its life, was an embodiment of the “dress for success” mantra, and during the ’80s, dressing for success meant dressing like one of the guys.

Platform Everything


Thanks to the very first pop girl group that made it big internationally, the Spice Girls, platform sneakers and boots made out of the leather was a hit in the 90s. While the origin story of platform is not clear, platforms were everywhere. They were made in every shoe form possible – flats, sneakers, boots, slippers, foam slippers, anyone remembers that? Some platform shoes were insanely high and the fashion world thought it was a statement. If it was 2014 and we look back at platforms, we would definitely cringe but since 2015, platforms have made comeback and it looks pretty decent. Maybe it is because we have learned how to style them properly.


Neon Colourz

05 - Neon


The 80s again (I feel like we committed a lot of fashion faux pas in the 80s) was the decade of neon outfits. Thank you Madonna, Cindy Lauper, David Bowie and Michael Jackson for bringing the best of pop music during that decade but neon everything is a no-no. While the colour pink was alright on certain people (Barbie), even the green could occasionally work. But that yellow? If there is anyone out there who could work that neon yellow you are a God. The ’80s had to raise the bar on everything with huge, square t-shirts in neon and frenetic stripes in neon and geometric prints. Who looks good covered in electric blue spirals? These things are not flattering even without being a colour so glaring that it might cause an eye cataract.

What other fashion faux pas that humanity has committed? Let us know if you have committed any of these fashion mistakes and what do you think about these trends.