Blood type, or blood group, is the classification of blood based on the presence of substances on the surface of red blood cells. There are four main blood types; A, B, AB, and O. According to physician Peter J. D’Adamo, all the food you consume reacts chemically with your blood type. Diets and workouts that match a specific blood type is said to help with weight loss, increase energy, and reduce risk of diseases.

While there is concrete evidence that your blood type makes you more or less susceptible to certain diseases, there have been no studies to suggest that one’s diet is the cause. However, there are people who swear by the blood type diet’s validity. If you’re curious about the food and exercises that best suit your blood type, read on…

Type A

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Type A individuals are hardworking and detail-oriented but calm and sensitive. Type As can find a strong connection between the mind and body. Vegetarian diets or food that is organic and fresh such as fruits, grains, beans, and lentils are ideal for this blood type. Digesting meat and seafood is difficult for Type As, so consumption should be limited.

Gentle activities like pilates, yoga, or meditation are best suited for Type A individuals as they get stressed easily and need to eliminate tension in their daily lives. Rigorous exercises do not work well on Type As due to a greater drain of energy they experience.

Type B

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Moderation is key for Type B individuals – they are known as the “balanced omnivores”. Type Bs are individualistic, flexible, and dedicated, but can be stubborn at times. A diet consisting of meat (except chicken), vegetables, fruits, eggs, and low-fat dairy are the most effective for Type Bs. Food such as corn, nuts, and wheat can slow down metabolism.

Exercises that focus on maintaining an equal balance between physical and mental stress, like low-impact cardio, resistance training, or martial arts, should be carried out.

Type AB

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The rare AB blood type could work with either or both Type A and Type B diets and workouts. Type ABs are trustworthy, but can also be difficult to read. Seafood, dairy, and vegetables are the best staple food while most meat, caffeine, and alcohol should be avoided where possible.

To achieve a healthy emotional balance and constant energy, space out a combination of gentle exercises like walking and hiking and intense exercises like running or biking.

Type O

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Type O is the most common blood type in the world and individuals with Type O blood are universal donors. They are responsible and organized, but tend to get manic when they stray from their routines. High-protein food like beef, fish, turkey, and seafood is the best for this blood type. A good amount of fruits and vegetables should be incorporated into the diet as well. Gluten, wheat, and dairy should be avoided as they impact digestion and encourage fluid retention.

Vigorous and high-intensity exercises such as interval training, running, and swimming suit this blood type best, done regularly for up to an hour a day to help regulate stomach problems.

Do you believe that blood type should influence what we consume and how we carry out exercises? Let us know!

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