You’ve probably experienced the overwhelming frustration of drawing on your eyeliner and unintentionally tremble of your hand, resulting in what resembles a small bump on your eyelid. Well, you can put that frustration aside, as there is a recent makeup trend that actually embraces such bumps – it’s called bubble eyeliner, and it has taken Instagram by storm.

This eyeliner trend was started by self-taught makeup artist and Youtube beauty blogger Jenny Gonzalez (check out her Instagram and Youtube channel). She posted a Festival Makeup video that featured the bubble eyeliner and neon red lip as the main focus, while the rest of the look was kept subtle. The technique to achieving this look is done by dipping the round lid of an eyeliner pencil into gel eyeliner that is placed on the back of the hand, and pressing it lightly onto the skin to create different sizes of “bubbles” or mini semi circles, along the lash line. The bubbles are then filled out with the gel. The look has since been replicated by other makeup artists and posted on their own social media accounts.

Bubble eyeliner 2


I think this look is something you could either love or hate, and personally, I’m not sold on this idea; the bumps look a bit odd and slightly clown-ish to me. I don’t wear eyeliner often, but when I do, I prefer drawing a simple thin line or a classic cat eye. Then again, I’m not someone who would take risks when putting on makeup. Even so, I do respect the creator for thinking outside the box and sharing her ideas. Part of the appeal of makeup is getting to experiment and try out various looks.

As it is a quirky twist to the regular eyeliner look, the bubble eyeliner could end up being a popular look for the upcoming summer. It is the season of festivals, so the technique can add something whimsical to one’s look and make them stand out. You could try substituting the black liner with bolder colours like yellow or blue to REALLY make your eyes pop! There isn’t a specific face shape or eye type that suits this look more, really, I think anyone could pull it off if they wanted to. All it needs is some confidence – if you think you look good, who cares what anyone else thinks?

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