Mango is doing it right by launching a whole collection focusing around the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Joining other brand names like Uniqlo and Marks & Spencer in creating clothing specifically tailored to Muslim customers, it is smart move by Mango, an international brand available in Muslim countries such as the Middle East. There is a recognition of a growing Muslim consumer base where shoppers are looking not only for chic and stylish clothes, but also for religious and cultural options. It’s good to note that according to the Global Islamic Economy Report 2015, Muslim consumers are currently spending an estimated $230bn on clothing, a number that is expected to grow to  $327bn by 2019.

The Ramadan collection features stylish modest options, showcasing dresses, leggings, jackets, tunics, kaftans in fantasy fabrics and double-layer body wraps. It is set to arrive in stores and online on May 30, a week’s shy away from the Ramadan season on June 6.


All Images Source: Mango

Our fingers are crossed for the collection to hit our shores of Singapore!