Literally and metaphorically, being love, having a partner is a matter of the heart. Is better to be in love or be single? Which is healthier? A married couples happier than singles or is it the other way round? Being committed to a person for the rest of your life can be challenging after the honeymoon feeling dies down and other responsibilities take precedence over your partner. It will lead you to questioning if the whole marriage thing is cut out for you. Hence science have shown, numerous times how being married with a life partner can help you, health wise.

According to a study led by Dr. Carlos Alviar, at New York University’s Lagone Medical Center, has has found that married people have lower odds of cardiovascular disease than those who are single, divorced or widowed. The study was conducted among 3.5 million American adults. So in terms of medical heart problems, being married or having a committed partner will result in lower heart problems in the long run. There is no concrete science to back this up but doctors suggest that it could be due to the emotional, physical and intellectual support that spouses can provide for each other. A deeper social tie with family members can help reduce blood pressure and improve heart health overall.

However this is an idealistic vision of what marriage is as not all marriages are smooth sailing. Those marriages that do not paint a rosy picture, may have an adverse effect on heart health. People in a bad marriage were actually more likely to experience negative cardiovascular effects, compared to people in good marriages. People in good marriages seem healthier because marriage may promote health but it is important to note that quality of one’s marriage plays a part.

So if married couples have each other for support and rely on, then should singles start finding a life partner? Not necessarily as getting hitched does not guarantee an overall healthier life. Thus singles should ensure that they are healthy through exercise and generally taking care of oneself, and surround yourself with close friends and family which can all act as stress reducers.

According to Robin Simon, a professor of sociology at Wake Forest University, wrote in Psychiatry Weekly that marriage has for a long time been associated with better mental health. Hundreds of studies have documented the relationship between marriage and improved mental health and concludes that married people report having significantly fewer symptoms of depression and are significantly less likely to abuse substances than their non-married counterparts. This is because marriage provides social support — including emotional, financial, and proper support. In addition, married people have greater psychosocial (or coping) resources than singles.

In conclusion, various studies have concluded that married couples have it better, mainly through support in various way, unlike singles who have to depend on themselves and friends. However couples who have it better, are only those who are in a stable but not an unhappy marriage. So is it better be single or find a life partner? It is a question with no answer and it is what your heart and self desire. The question to choose a life partner or not, depends greatly on oneself and his/her idea of a relationship.

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