With already a vast fashion accolades under his belt, it only makes sense for Karl Lagerfeld to launch his own line of colouring pencils and other drawing supplies in collaboration with Faber-Castell, the world’s largest manufacturer of pencils, right?

Named “Karlbox”, the limited-edition capsule is inspired by a Chinese wedding chest and will be sold in Karl Lagerfeld boutiques and Faber-Castell stores on September 1, followed by selected departmental and specialty on September 19.

The cost of a single Karlbox will costs you about 2,500 Euros, which is $3,826 SGD though. So, if you’re an aspiring fashion designer, you’d better off sticking to the ones found at your local bookstore like this one over here:

Staedtler Luna Watercolour Pencils 48’S
At only $18.45 SGD!

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