If you’ve heard about the H&M’s beauty line launching in Singapore, the amount of excitement I have is just like yours. (Maybe even more.)  H&M’s beauty line  is aiming to hit approximately 900 stores internationally, finally they can strike Singapore off their list!

As far as I now, the VivoCity’s outlet holds an extensive collection of beauty tools. Now, we will be blessed with H&M’s full range of beauty products in the third quarter this year, including makeup, haircare, bodycare, and cosmetic brushes.

Even though we have never tried them ourselves, we’ve read reviews by real users on their thoughts of these H&M beauty goodies, and selected the ones that we feel you should totally try out once the range hit our shores.

Nail Polishes


Besides offering a wide colour range, it is also raved for its opaque coverage and creamy texture, making it ridiculously easy to work with. It has a fatter brush tip which provides effortless application with a single swipe, covering pretty much the entire nail. H&M definitely nailed it with their polishes!

Pure Radiance Powder Blusher, in Cameo Pink

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A perfect shade for everyday wear, it is a natural-looking colour that adds a little flush to your cheeks without going overboard. The formula of the blushers have a cream-to-powder finish, unlike some brands that carry powder products that are chalky or not very pigmented.

However, the available shades seem pretty similar, varying mostly on cool and warm tones, so don’t expect much of difference in their colours.



With all the good reviews online, I sure can’t wait to pucker my lips with these affordable yet highly recommended lipsticks. An absolute plus point for me is that the lipstick are scentless, as I hate putting something that smells so chemically-induced on my lips. I mean, I’ll probably end up tasting some of it!

Despite being so affordable, the formula of these lip products is not sheer at all. Opaque and long lasting, this is definitely going to be huge hit among lipstick lovers. Lipsticks will be available in both matte and cream textures.

High Impact Eye Colour, Baci Di Dama


High quality to touch, this muted shimmery gold eye shadow is suitable for everyday wear. Formulated to be super pigmented and opaque, users have claim that a single layer is all it needs to take to achieve a desired coverage. This shade is best for your inner corners and the center of your eyelid for a soft highlight.

Conscious Vitalising All Over Oil


Part of the conscious beauty collection, the Conscious Vitalising All Over Oil stays true to its name with multiple ways to use it. With a citrusy scent, the product contains certified organic rosemary extract, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, and sunflower oil. For very moisturised skin, add a few drops into your bathtub before soaking yourself in, or use it as a hair and body oil. The uses of this vitalising oil have no limits!

Conscious Hydrating Face Mask


Calling all dry skin ladies out there, H&M is here to the rescue. Another hyped about item found in the conscious collection is the hydrating face mask, which makes your skin feel soft and supple, according to reviews. This pampering mask aids the skin by gently removing dirt and grime, while still providing moisture at the same time. Containing certified organic aloe vera, shea butter, jojoba oil, and fragrance essential oils, this is the perfect way to give some love for your skin with natural products.

We simply can’t wait for the beauty range to launch in our sunny island! As shown in the pictures, the products have a more high-end feel with its black and white packaging. Though we shouldn’t be judging so quickly based on the exterior, I’m simply a huge sucker when cosmetic brands put in effort to ensure pretty packaging. They just look so sleek and chic! See more products here.

With their affordable clothing and beauty range in Singapore, my life will be completed when H&M finally decides brings in their home décor and furniture as well. Let’s hope that they will let Singaporeans enjoy every aspect that H&M could offer!

View more details at H&M SG and H&M Beauty Range Press Release.

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