In the earlier days, a woman’s undergarments will never be mentioned in any social conversation. However, time has changed to the point where women are leaving the house braless. And boy, does it feel liberating. If you’re familiar with #FreeTheNipple, you’d know what I’m talking about.

Despite the viral hashtag and the comfort of not wearing a bra, there are still little things we should note to protect our decency. Ladies, I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t want to flash my nips to the world.

If you’re sick of putting up with wearing bras, you’ve come to the right place for the ultimate guide and legit reasons  to go braless.

Reasons Why Bras Are The Worst

1) They Are A Pain In The ass Bust


Let’s be honest here. Despite the lifted effect of a bra, they are simply too restricting and painful. Raise your hand if unclasping your bra is the first thing you look forward to when you reach home. Well, why not just completely push out all thoughts of putting those evil things in the first place? Frankly, the pain of those straps, underwires, and hooks are just not worth the benefits.

2) No More Matching Games


Matching the perfect bra with a strapless top can sometimes be a headache. Or sometimes you even have to do away with a backless dress because you can’t find the right support. Without bras, you get to wear anything you want without the hassle of pairing your garments to your outfits.

3) Wearing Bras Leads To Saggy Boobs


If you think that bras give those puppies a “lift”, think again. Discounting the fact that bras lead to shoulder and back pain, there are also other serious medical issues that come with it.

According to a 15-year study by sports science expert Jean-Denis Rouillon, wearing a bra weakens the muscles that hold up the breasts, which results in sagging over a period of time. Bras may give a false and temporal support, but it’s time to think long-term.

To put it simply, bras bear more harm than good.

Important To Note!

Despite the downside of wearing bras, sports bras are still necessary when working out. In fact, not wearing them may result in breast injury due to the movement of muscle tissues during exercise.

Top 4 Necessities To Kick-start Your Bra-free Journey

1. Pasties & Adhesive Bra


Silicone pasties and adhesive bras are originally invented for outfits that require one to go bra-less, such as bareback dresses. These bra substitutes are reusable for up to 20 times, and has turn into a staple for those who rejects the use of bras. The pasties simply cover the nips, but if you’re looking for an added lift, opt for the adhesive bra instead.

2. Bralette


For ladies with a bigger rack, I would recommend bralets for the maximum support. Designed to be worn without a bra, the material is thick, and some even comes with padding already intact to prevent the nipple from showing through the fabric.

3. Breast Lift Tape


Most big chested women don’t have perfectly round and firm boobs, so don’t be ashamed if they are slightly saggy. If you have this problem, don’t worry; the breast lift tape is here to the rescue! This magical tape lifts up and enhances the shape of your breast without the need for a bra. It essentially works like a push up bra, minus the extreme discomfort.

4. Hollywood Fashion Tape


We know the benefits of wearing whatever we want when there’s no bra involve — No need for matching and all that time-consuming work. However, certain outfit calls for the versatile fashion tapes that can help prevent wardrobe malfunctions. These fashion tapes helps to ensure maximum security by preventing the top from moving out of place and flashing everyone.


Low plunging tops or dresses are perfect examples. Nip-slips are a real thing, girls.

Going braless may not be as easy as you think, but trust me, all these little changes are worth it. Good luck with your bra-free journey, ladies!

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