I’m sure everyone is following at least five Instagram accounts of celebrities or social influencers for the #fashionporn and #styleinspiration of some sort. The screenshots are aplenty. The lust is real. You need that cute romper on Selena Gomez in your life, and since you’re at it, add that pair of red pumps Fan Bingbing was seen trotting down the streets the other day. But getting your hands on your heart’s desire may prove to be something challenging. Thankfully, Goxip got you covered.



Termed “Shoppable Instagram” by CEO’s Juliette Gimenez, Goxip has made news by securing $1.6m in seeding fund last year and they’re working on making the app known in Malaysia and Hong Kong, with other Southeast Asian markets kept under their radar.

The concept of Goxip is what every modern shopper has dreamed off since the birth of Instagram. See a fashion item you like on someone online? Well, upload that image on Goxip, and with the magic of technology, Goxip will match something similar to that particular item. It is for real you guys. We know, because we tried it.

We uploaded this pic of Taylor Swift in a flirty grimham checkered dress with a peter pan collar (because Taylor Swift is #lyfe, duh).


The results:


Goxip featured mostly gringham patterned outfits, but the range was devoid of the peter pan collar detail.

Next, we tried Cara Delevingne for this denim on denim look.


The results:


The results are on point this time round, giving us a range of chambray shirts to choose from.

Our final test, we decided to upload a picture of a nobody. One of us. This is a grey knitted sweater from H&M.


The results are amazingly accurate.


Goxip redirects shoppers to third-party online stores to complete their purchases.

So is this like the best thing ever or what. Visit Goxip or download the app on Google Play for a revolutionised shopping experience!