These days, earnestly explaining “oh I can’t, I’m getting a chemical peel” is starting to become a perfectly valid reason to excuse yourself for something you may or may not want to go. To the ones who are not in the know, the mere idea of having certain acids glaze over your face is almost unheard of. They might reel in shock before identifying you as a masochist who needs help.

Contrary to that misconception, chemical peels don’t usethe bad kind of acids. Like the ones that cause mutilation and disfigurement. They are made of the good acids, thanks to the advancements of beauty Science.

Peeling It Off

A chemical peel is administrated by having an acid solution applied to face. Your skin doesn’t literally peel off like a piece of fruit at a peel sess. Instead, the outer damaged layers of skin are dissolved, stimulating the body to heal and create new skin to cover the open wounds. This sometimes takes days to complete, resulting in skin flaking before revealing a new and improved skin of a baby’s bottom.

Why Peels?

It has always been an ongoing battle against fine lines and wrinkles by self-conscious women and men alike. Till one day, someone decided to bring in the big guns and stick it to those stubborn beauty aliments. Chemical peels definitely are a faster and more aggressive approach because it strips off the top layers that are deem damage with just one treatment.



Know Your Peels

Peels can be categorised in 3 strengths.

Light/Superficial Peels

Kind of like on days you prefer a to-go sort of lunch, light peels are pretty much a fast, fuss-free treatment with almost zero downtime. It gives you instant gratification in a form of radiant complexion, reduce fine lines, smoother skin and lightened acne scars. Usually, you’ll need several sessions to reach optimal results.

Medium Peels

Medium peels achieves everything a light peel does, but just more deeply and effectively. It deliberate dissolves that outer layer for new skin to grow, hence there might be downtime.

Deep Peels

The strongest and most effective peel of them all, and also requires the longest time to recover. Mostly to treat deep wrinkles and severe sun damage, there are risks of dramatically lightening your skin so do consult your dermatologist beforehand.

To Peel or Not To Peel?

So begs the question, do they even work? Well, the exploding popularity of chemical peels definitely proves for something. So the decision to try your first peel really lies within you. Do be reminded chemical peels do not come cheap, costing almost $100 and above per session.

If you do get a peel, taking care of your skin is crucial. Switch out your cleansers void of acids and pick the gentler ones. Always moisturise your skin, and lastly sun protection is sooo important. We can’t stressed this enough. Either avoid the sun completely, or pile up on you SPF honey!