Sing You Home by Jodie Picoult

Most of Picolt’s novels have the peculiar ability to tug at one’s heartstrings and transport readers into a fragile world guided by the emotions of the heart.

Sing You Home is no different in that sense, tackling more serious issues like fertility and alcoholism instead of centering around the usual love affair. The bulk of the novel revolves around the topic of homosexuality, and the  trails and tribulations these people have to face when they try to fit into society. One of which, is starting a family where the parents are of the same sex. This is depicted through Zoe, who battles her bible-thumping ex-husband for rights of their frozen embryos she intends to use and settle down with her current lesbian partner.

Social Acceptance

Even though there’s a growing acceptance of this non-traditional lifestyle, homosexuals still face discrimination and injustice in society. For instance, the right to be legally married. In the novel, Zoe and her partner have to leave home to travel to a different state to get married.  Some may write it off as a piece of paper, because hey, you don’t need that slip to make your love for the other concrete. However, this piece of paper opens up the legal side of things which is equally important.

Even though Picolt’s stereotypes of Christians are portrayed rather unfairly, the subject of intolerance is important to be highlighted as it is rampant in today’s society. It infuriates many when there is a need to voice out discontentment towards other people’s happiness, causing a stir of contempt and hate in all of us. What happened to love that conquers all?

 Love Comes Unexpected

You know someone’s right for you when the things they don’t have to say are even more important than the things they do.

To be truthful, for the protagonist to be a married, straight woman all her live, to suddenly fall in love with another woman is a bit of a long stretch. But how about we celebrate the idea of love, and the mystery behind it? In the world filled with hate and turmoil, let us find comfort in gems of love that are hidden beneath the grim and dirt of adversity.