The sigils of the zodiac constellations are definitely no stranger to us . I’m pretty sure every woman has read their horoscopes at least once in their life for a sense of affirmation of your lot in life,love and the future.

DVF debuts their new collection with the stars through the familiar signs of the zodiac in playful colours and modern designs to celebrate women who designs their own destiny.



The collection includes a zip pouch, a charm and a leather appliqué all of which features the star signs. In addition to all these greatness, you can check out a personal account of your daily horoscope with Diane’s astrologer, Shelly von Strunckel here.

You can shop the Zodiac collective exclusively at DVF, #03-01 Ion Orchard. Each of the Zodiac clutch will retail at $120

Click here for more information on the collection.

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