Cleanse, tone, and moisturise – the steps of a basic skincare routine for all beauty-lovers, but some of us, we don’t simply just follow that route.

I would say the most luxurious way to unwind after work is reading a book with a facemask on. This is my way of “meditating”. Within fifteen minutes of “me-time”, it cleanses both my skin and, perhaps even my soul.

Applying facial mask is one of the most pampering beauty regimen I adore. However, there aren’t many good sleeping masks out there, and those that feels amazing, always tempt us to break the bank. Forget those hella pricey brands with the following affordable facemask that actually gets the dirty work done!

Note: Prices may vary

Formula 10.0.6 Pores Be Pure


Looking to clear the gunk out of those tiny pores? Pores Be Pure ($13.90) might just be the one for you. Pores be pure is formulated using natural ingredients, including strawberry, yarrow, and rosemary. This skin-clarifying mud mask not only eliminates impurities and clear blocked pores, but also carries the fountain of youth — Antioxidants (from the strawberry).

Formula 10.0.6 is available to purchase over the counters of numerous Guardian outlets.

Formula 10.0.6 Get Your Glow On


For those who enjoy the feeling of peel-off mask, you’ll definitely adore this. Get Your Glow On ($11.12) contains papaya and Vitamin C-infused citrus to revitalise tired skin, revealing a brighter and clearer complexion. This skin-brightening peel mask helps to remove dead skin, unclog pores, banish breakouts, and above all, boost your skin’s radiance to get your glow on point.

Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/ Mask


With dermatologist-tested formula, Neutrogena skincare line has remained the No. 1 favourite among teens and individuals with acne-prone skin. Containing Benzoyl Peroxide, the Clear Pore Cleanser/ Mask ($10.96) is cater to even the most troublesome skin type, since the acne-fighting ingredient is strong enough to kill bacteria and treat existing breakouts, but doesn’t attack the skin. A customer reviewed that the product aids with her oily yet sensitive skin, one that is not commonly found.

This 2-in-1 cleansing mask can be used in two different ways — As a regular cleanser, or a mud mask. To use as this as a mask, spread the product evenly on dry, clean skin, and proceed to wash off gently (like how you would with a cleanser) after it is dry.

Freeman Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask


As someone who possesses dry skin type and sleep with air-conditioning, hydration is insanely important to me. Putting on sleeping mask to bed has become my everyday beauty ritual.

Brimming with natural goodies like honeydew that feeds our skin with antioxidant, and chamomile that calms any irritation, the Honeydew & Chamomile Sleeping Mask ($6.15) also contains coconut and jojoba oil to maximise the supplement of moisture. For those who crave dewy skin, this overnight sleeping mask will help you get glow-ready the next day.

Freeman Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask


The pollution in the environment causes our skin to turn dull overtime. Give your skin a little treat with the Charcoal & Black Sugar Polishing Mask ($6.15). The charcoal aids in oil-absorption and removing impurities without over-drying, while the black sugar acts as an exfoliating scrub to clear dead skin.

For those with dryer skin condition, try Charcoal & Black Sugar Mud Mask ($6.15) instead, as it provides more moisture with its mud mask, and contains lesser black sugar to reduce irritation from exfoliating.

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