Ferry Corsten is a Dutch DJ, record producer and remixer. He produced many well known trance tracks and albums during the 1990s–2000s, placing him as a respected individual in the trance scene. He currently hosts a weekly interactive radio show on SiriusXM, called Corsten’s Countdown. In recent years, his music style has shifted to more electro-pop and progressive house, to suit a wider audience. Hyper Love, featuring the vocals of Australian singer Nat Dunn, is one of his newer radio-friendly efforts.

The vocals stand out in this one, taking the song to the next level, even though the repetition of the lyrics in the verses of the song leave more to be desired. Every verse escalates to a more prominent beat in the chorus that you’ll bob your head to – if you fancy the sort of repetitive beeping that is reminiscent of morse code. If not, it might be a bit grating to the ears. Still, the fact that Ferry has managed to mold different types of sounds throughout the 3:24 duration is fairly impressive in itself. Whether you love or hate it, it will make you sing along anyway, especially in the chorus – trust me, take it from someone who has tried to imitate Nat Dunn’s falsetto and ended up sounding like a dying animal.

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