Trends come and go, but slithering into a man’s shirt in XL is forever.

So how did this fashion cultof girls rocking clothes made for the male counterparts become a thing? It might have stemmed from girls, dizzy in love, donning on their boyfriend’s clothes as an act of endearment. I like his smell. It feels like he’s hugging me all the time. I like the option of huddling in his large clothes and feel protected. They explain. Yes, because cotton is super impenetrable.

So it comes with no surprise that this dressing-like-a-dude trend is more famously describe as “boyfriend (include fashion item)”. It glorifies how clothes should actually be borrowed from a living and breathing boyfriend. Best worn in way that hints you just rolled out of bed after a night of frisking (with, of course, a boyfriend). The style you’re going for is out-of-bed, oversized and slobby-chic kind of lewk.

Though not a fan of its origins, I fully love the idea of women rocking the whole gender switching outfits. Some even attribute women empowerment to wearing men clothes, as men are commonly associated with strength in society (we need to work on that though). But whatever the reason that makes you want to throw on that oversized grey hoodie as a fashion statement, I’ve compiled a list of fashion inspiration that you can dress like a dude, and still look rather ladylike.

Lookin’ Fly with Flannel



Dressing like a hipster will get you some flake, but let the haters hate. The classic fedora hat and Monk Strap boots are a nice touch for the grunge look.

The Classic Boyfriend’s Jeans, with something extra



Can we please talk about this pair of jeans and how we need it in our lives right now.

Putting the Bomb in Bombshell



Keeping true to the oversized theme, sporting a bomber jacket is…well…sporty in a refined way.

Chambray All the Way



The androgynous projection always raises eyebrows. And trust us when we tell you our eyebrows are raised in raised in glee when we saw this MANGO ensemble.

The Trailblazer



Blazers have been integrated into the attires of both genders, but Leandra Medine from the Man Repeller pushed a little further by donning a rather masculine Tartan double-breasted blazer, while still keeping it feminine with a leather mini skirt.

Suit Up



Now who’s wearing the pants boys. Margret Zhang from Shine By Three is killing it with this burgundy power suit!

Play at Work



There is more structure in a men’s shirt, giving you that very fashionable boxy look. The stripes on this shirt breathes a particular uniqueness to an outfit paired with skinny jeans. You may want also try other men’s shirts in linen for a different look!

Timeless Classic



Switch up your dainty watch with one that is chunky and regal usually worn by the dudes. Because sometimes it’s all about the small details that go a long way.

And of course, the Tee



But try not to look like a slob. Here’s a tip: roll up the sleeves and tuck the shirt in a pair of high-waisted pleated shorts. Super fashion-forward if you try hard enough!