It’s called intermittent fasting.

Before we commence the talks about this diet shenanigans, allow me to wet your appetite with this short clip called “The Real Bruce Wayne Revealed: The Power of Intermittent Fasting”.

The video is an obvious rip-off from the morning routine scene featured in American Psycho, and it was what first brought my attention to intermittent fasting. If you couldn’t bare to sit through the clip, you’re basically introduced to a very ripped and super buff Gregory O’Gallagher who lounged around in his sweat pants at his million-dollar palace with a goddess-like blonde draped on his side, sipping on sparkling water while advocating the benefits of intermittent fasting in a voice-over.

“Even though I’ve just woke up, I won’t eat for eight hours. This increases fat mobilisation, boosts mental alertness and has profound benefits,” he tells us in a monotonous plea to all fatsos like us.

Truth be told, I honestly thought it was a joke of some sort. And when I realised it was for real, I couldn’t help but think frantically –but he is soo rich so where is he going to spend all his money if it’s not on food! And I also desperately needed to know why he had to jet off to a gym even when his humble abode is obviously big enough to hold at least five gyms. Then he wouldn’t be able to drive his awesome Lamborghini, a user from the YouTube sums it up perfectly.

So What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Referring it as a diet is just an easier way of describing what intermittent fasting is. In fact, it is more like an eating pattern where you juggle periods of time when you eat and don’t eat/fast, and then working it seamlessly into your lifestyle. While you might be famished at the end of your fasting period, you are supposed to eat like a normal person tucking into a regular meal, and not go on a binge-frenzy on everything you see.

It doesn’t speak of specific types of food you should consume. However, the plan promotes a diet high in fibre like fruits and vegetables. Beverages are kept to water, teas and black coffee as caffeine is important tide you during the fasting periods. For exercise, you carry on as per normal, on fasting days or not.

Getting Intimate with Intermittent Fasting

Believe it or not, you are spoilt for choice as there many variations of intermittent fasting that one can select from. Instead of regurgitating the six types for you, I would rather you read it all here. I’ll just highlight two of such:

16:8 Method
So the 16:8 Method involves fasting for at least 14 – 16 hours per day, and then the remaining eight hours is your window for eating. This method sort of reasons with you that you’re already “fasting” during your sleep of say, eight hours, so this is just the extended version of it. For instance, you should have your last meal at 8pm, and then you abstain from food all the way till the next day at 12noon, which gives that 16 hours of fasting.

5:2 Method
Then there is the 5:2 Method where you eat normally for five days, while restricting your calories of 500 on two other non-consecutive days. That’s not even the most extreme yet.

The Rationale Behind Intermittent Fasting

Fasting to reach an optimal health or fitness goal not only hints of an unstable mind, but also encourages an eating disorder. And it is rather silly to reason it with how fasting has been practised for religious and survival purposes, claiming it not be unnatural hence making it okay.

The benefits intermittent fasting claims to have for your body are lowering your risk of Type 2 diabetes, protection from cancer and heart diseases and apparently is good for the brain.On the flipside, it deprives you of nutrients, poor sleep, muscle loss and rebound eating. You can read more in length here and here.

I Would Like To Upsize My Meal Please

If intermittent fasting is ever, God forbids, something you would like to try. You would need to have a steel mind and possess a love for counting calories. Like to the extent you tell people your passion is counting calories. Because counting calories is not always a good idea for your mental well-being. The fitness trend needs more research on, but frankly you can tell my stand on this issue. So while we debate on this, I would like an apple pie for the road.