Haven’t you always wondered what are all the available foundation apparatus you could possibly opt for to attain the perfect flawless finish on your face? Here are 8 application tools for you to smoothly blend away all your foundation and concealer:

1. Beauty Blender
Beautyblender® Original

This sponge applicator is currently the most popular product that is being used and raved by celebrity makeup artists and beauty bloggers/vloggers.

For those of you who do not know the exact reason why the beauty blender is so sought after since it is just a sponge in an egg shape. It is seriously not just any sponge, the science behind the Beauty blender is such that its trait is an open cell structure that fills with small amount of water when wet. This allows the sponge to become seemingly “full” so that the makeup product would sit on top of the it instead of getting absorbed by it.

2. Blending Wedges
E.l.f Cosmetics
Blending Wedges

If you do not wish to splurge on a beauty blender, you could get yourself a blending wedge that works in a similar manner as well. You don’t have to specifically get these from e.l.f, the blending wedges are easily found and sold at really affordable prices in any of our local beauty stores.

3. Disposable Sponges
Sephora Collection
Round Sponges x2

The round sponge is another cheaper alternative to the blending wedges, you could opt for these disposable sponges that are priced pretty reasonably at any local beauty stores in Singapore. You do not have to specifically get them from Sephora as they are pretty pricey.

4. Brushes For Foundation
Sephora Collection
Foundation Brush #10

This is probably the most no-brainer way of applying your foundation asides from the use of fingers. However, there are brushes that are specifically meant for liquid or powder foundation in many different shapes and sizes.

For more information on the different types of brushes to use for foundation, check out our article on the Essential guide to Makeup Brushes.


5. High Tech Sponge Gadget
Sephora Collection
Sonic Airbrush Sponge

The sonic airbrush sponge is a extremely user-friendly sponge brush that gently vibrates, firmly buffs and blend cream products into the skin with 12000 tiny dabs per minute.

Do be vigilant and look out for other brands to compare and contrast the product differences.

6. Foundation/Concealer Sticks
Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 11.30.32 AM
Bobbi Brown
Skin Foundation Stick

Obviously, these are not exactly tools per say, but it IS a better applicator option and you can easily blend these out with your fingers.

Like I said, it is not necessary to spend on a Bobbi Brown stick if it’s price is not suitable for you.
So, go out there and explore the wide market on the different types of foundation sticks and find your best shade!

7. Cushion Compact Foundation

Blanc Expert Cushion Compact High Coverage

This cushion compact foundation that usually comes with its own applicator is gaining in popularity ever since Korean cosmetics became more well-known internationally even though it had stepped into the beauty scene almost 6 years ago.

Korean beauty brand Iope, has claimed that when their Air Cushion was at its peak of popularity, it is sold every six seconds and more than approximately a third of Korean women uses the cushion compact.

P.S: A cushion compact is basically just BB/CC cream contained in a sponge to prevent everything from spilling.

8. Oval Brush

Oval 6

The oval brushes are also came to prominence when the contouring fad was (or still is) all the rage. Its functionality allows us to blend foundation, blush, bronzer and highlighter effortlessly due to the smooth bristles that are tightly packed together. It is almost like a gigantic toothbrush just that it is softer and it is for the face a.k.a a facebrush.

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