If you think that you’re good at putting on makeup, well, think again.

As a makeup addict, I’ve had plenty of makeup fail moments, and I cringe whenever I look back at old photos. Nobody is born with the knowledge to do makeup, and as the cosmetic industry flourish, the techniques improves as well.

Angular And Shortening Wing Liner

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A common makeup mistake that I used to make is the wing liner. Even the biggest makeup addicts could be doing this wrongly. Wing liner is supposed to elongate your eyes, not shorten it, and starting your wing before reaching the corners of your eyes will only give that illusion.

For an elongating effect, do your eyeliner as you would, and start the wing only at the very edge of your eyes. Try not to make the wing too angular, and follow the lower lash line to make it as smooth as possible.

TIP: Line a tape along the outer corner of your eyelid, following your bottom lash line, to achieve a classy wing liner.

Anyone who knows me would have noticed that my signature look is the clean and classic eyeliner. Perfecting my liner is the result of experimenting and going through countless mistakes — So hell yes, I’m going to rock it everyday!

“Block” Brows

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The thick eyebrows have been the in-thing for ages, thanks to Miss Cara Delevinge. Many took the liberty to recreate her look, which is now termed as the “Instagram brows”. There’s no doubt that this fad won’t be going away soon. If you’re a fan of these majestic brows, there is a subtle difference to take note to pull off this trend.

Instead of beginning at the start of your brows, lay your first stroke from the “tail”, and slowly work your way in. As you reach the inner corners of your brows, make sure you’re using lighter strokes to create an “ombre” effect. The most important step is blending with a brow spoolie to make it smooth seamless.

Some took to using a lighter and darker shade of brow product to perfect them, but with practice and patience, you’ll get the result without wasting the extra money.

Unlike the “block brows” which creates artificial-looking eyebrows, this technique allows it to appear more natural, and adds more dimensions to your face.

Patchy Base Makeup

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Have you ever wondered why your makeup doesn’t blend as perfectly as how you want it to be? That may be due to applying powder blush, bronzer, or highlighter without setting your liquid foundation first, or putting on cream or liquid products after powder products.

Blending bronzer on wet foundation makes it difficult to blend and will result in uneven contouring. It feels weird while blending, as the brush will get “stuck” on the wet surface. If it doesn’t feel right, it’s probably not right.

Fix this major makeup fail by applying all your cream products first, and setting your entire face with a light dust of powder before applying your powdered products. If you use cream bronzer, blusher, or highlighter, set with a translucent powder so that the added colours won’t be covered.

Applying Blusher Too low And In The Wrong Shade

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Blusher is one of the easiest mistakes to make in the makeup game. Though there have been many tips circulating around the internet, many still make the mistake of dusting on too much and in the wrong part of our cheeks.

Start your blush from the outer third of your eyes and above your nose. Blend the blush diagonally up and outwards, away from the centre of your face. For a more cutesy effect, bring the colour slightly closer to the nose.

For a natural flush, find one that complements your skin tone. For example, a dark plum shade will probably be more ideal for darker skin tones. Blusher is supposed to play a “supporting role”, not the main lead. You don’t want your blusher to be the centre of focus; keep that for your eyes or lips.

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