Secretly, I longed for pastel coloured hair, but my sensitive scalp prevents me from bleaching my Asian roots. More often than not, I always wondered how nice it would be if our eyebrows are always on the same page(similar shade) with the hair colour we have.

With pastel hair colours rising in trends, M.A.C is upping their game with the introduction of their new soft serve collection of dedicated, pastel eyebrow colours, M.A.C ‘s Dare Hue! The brow pencils will be lauched in six different shades – Violet Infused (soft lavender), Blonde Not Bland (pastel peach), Pink Confetti (pastel pink), Frisky Fresh (soft mint green), What a Highlight (soft white gold highlighter), and Clearly Groomed (nudey beige).

Since these hues are pretty light in general, the shades would naturally be subtle on dark eyebrows. According to Shelley from The House Bunny (movie), the eyes are the nipples of the face. So people, if you wish to lighten your brows for the first time, do get them professionally done.

For a better gauge, here’s a photo that was uploaded on instagram by Dominic Skinner, Senior Artist for MAC Cosmetics UK, in all of the six shades of the Dare Hue Collection:

As if the six hues of pastel are not enough of a surprise, M.A.C complements the collection of brow pencils with 12 delightful shades of soft serve eyeshadows. (see here for what they look like when swatched.)


While these may not be everyone, especially in such a conservative society where donning mint green eyebrows would probably look odd to the older generation in Singapore. I say, if you carry yourself with confidence, anything you wear will appear ‘normal’. At the end of the day, there is always an element of fun in feeling good, so go crazy with the colours!

The soft serve collection ranges from $31 to $38 and will be available from 3rd June onwards at M.A.C counters and stores

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