When we hear the word ‘collagen’, it tends to incite conflicting opinions, even from professionals. In this society where everyone is in a fitful search for the elixir of youth, something that claims elasticity, anti-wrinkle, and “you’ll look ten years younger!” attracts all the needed attention.

Are collagen drinks, pills, and injections purely a gimmick? Today’s topic will cover the different ways to artificially consume collagen, and which of them actually work.

Collagen Drinks/ Tablets/ Powders

Previously, experts and documentaries are apprehensive as our body will simply break them down for energy, instead of absorbing them for its proposed use, thus, there will be no effect.

However, Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, a new study in late 2015 gave precious insights and a rising stance on this topic. Like all reputable research, a control group was included, with carefully examined the skin of all participants before and after the collagen supplement consumptions. To sum things up, the study has found that those who consumed the collage drinks showed compelling improvements in their skin’s elasticity and thickness.

However, nobody knows if it’s just a placebo effect. My aunt has been rigorously and faithfully drinking these for years, and I’ve seen no visible difference. So, this is up to you to decide if it works or not.

Collagen Injections

By far, the only foolproof way to artificially ingest these sought after beauty miracles is by injections. This indirectly means two things: pain, maintenance, money flies.

As our face has one of the most delicate skin, the threshold for pain is much lower. Maintenance is also a huge consequence, with the upkeep you now must make since your skin has grown used to it. Cutting yourself off the needles will indefinitely make your skin older than will supposedly become, since your skin has grown so reliant on it. Weaning doesn’t even help for this. So really think about it before going for the first jab. With the constant crave for these boosters; your bank will be broken in no time.


So the main question is, does collagen consumption really work and should we invest in them? No one can really make a solid stand with all these clashing and supposedly reliable sources. Personally, I would say save yourself some money and risk.

Follow a healthy diet and lifestyle habits instead, and you’ll see yourself not only looking good, but feeling great internally. After all, you can’t fight nature. How about letting it takes its course instead.

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