We’re all about self-empowerment in this day and age of time, where women (and some men) these days are unapologetic and unbashful about the lengths they go in the name of beauty.  Still, there’s this stigma when it comes to getting a bit of cosmetic work done to the face, linking to vanity, superficiality, shame and maybe even deception.

But to that we tell them to each their own. You should be in charge of your self-worth, and there is nothing wrong with a bit of cosmetic work done to put your best self forward. It’s the same for makeup. If we’re so concern about showing your ‘true being’, then why not eradicate any sort of beauty product from existence?

Now that I (hopefully) reassured those beauty jitters, we should look at going about actually doing it. Dr Lam Bee Lan, an aesthetic doctor from Ageless Medical Clinic of over 20 years, gave me her professional advice on a thing or two about going for your first treatment.



Firstly, The Correct Term Is Botulinum Toxin

You know how sometimes we replace proper terms with the brand names, for instance we use Colgate instead of saying toothpaste, or Maggi instead of instant noodles. It is the same here – we should actually say “I’ve went for a  botulinum toxin treatment.” But then again, botox rolls off the tongue so much smoother, so for the sake of convenience, let’s refer botulinum toxin as botox.

The Medical Mechanics of Botulinum Toxin

The common fear of botulinum toxin is that it is referred to as injecting poison into the body. It is not poison and you won’t die from it. Instead, it is a nerve-blocking agent that stops signals from reaching the facial muscles, thus preventing these muscles from contracting. This relaxes the face and softens the appearance of fine lines.


Dynamic And Static Wrinkles

Yes, there is such thing as a type of wrinkle, Dr Lam explains, and that is her how she goes about administrating the toxins into her patients.

Dynamic Wrinkles are caused by your animated facial expressions through the years. A nicer way to call these wrinkles are expression lines that form at the foreheads, eyes and mouth. Deep lines on the skin are caused by repetitive muscle movements, and is thwarted by the use of botulinum toxins.

Static Wrinkles are the result of the skin losing its elasticity. The lines are deep-set and prominent, without the effort of showing any emotion. Other factors that contribute to static wrinkles are genetics and poor lifestyle choices like smoking. Usually, in this case Dr Lam would need to use fillers instead of botulinum toxins to reverse these wrinkles.

Cost Of Treatment

I heard of stories where it seems like anyone can administrate botox these days, just as long you have some sort of medical degree. In Singapore however, only licensed doctors are legally allowed to perform injectables. This is important to take note as you surely want to consider the person who is performing the procedure on your face.

When it comes to costs, the craft of the aesthetic professional does influence the number. Dr Lam has served in the medical profession for over 20 years and specialized in aesthetics for over a decade, so you would definitely be safe in her medical expertise. Her charges are by $18 per unit. For instance, treatment for crow’s feet, glabella (space between forehead) might need at least 12 – 20 units, this will costs up to $360. For a full face lift, be prepared to spend $800 and above.

When asked on the varying prices of other medical places, Dr Lum says you take in account of the expertise of the medical professionals, and also the type of botulinum toxin they use. Dr Lum only uses renowned toxins that have been extensively studied and displayed results such as Botox and Dysport.

Animated, Refreshed And Radiant, Not Frozen

There is always a misconception of linking botox to having a stretched-out face. That is simply not true. Therefore, choosing the right doctor who is injecting the botox into the face is important. A well-trained and experience professional would not only know the right places to hit, but also when enough is enough. We wouldn’t want a Nicole Kidman catastrophe.

Other Factors To Take Note

Botox can also be used to treat aches, migraines and even perspiration in the hands or the pits.

Results are immediate, and the full effects will take form after two weeks. Lasting 4-6 months, Dr Lum suggests to take the initial two years to be religious with treatments for lasting results in the later years. This way, your visits are lessened.


Hyaluronic Acid vs Non-Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid can be naturally found in our body. They are referred to as sugar molecules which are responsible for the hydration and plumpness of our skin. Unfortunately, as we age, we tend to lose this hyaluronic acids hence can lead to sunken skin.

HA Fillers

Hyaluronic acid fillers help in way to bring the hydration and plumpness back to the skin. The fillers last up to 6 months, which have an ‘antidote’ that can be injected to counteract the fillers if a patient was to be dissatisfied with the way the fillers on his or her face turn out.

Non-HA Fillers

Similar to the HA fillers, non-HA fillers are synthetically made and promise the same results as HA fillers. The difference is that the non-HA fillers last longer – a year onward, and they do not have an ‘antidote’ once injected. Therefore, it is always advisable to start with HA fillers on your first session.

Fillers Are Segregated In Firmness

Fillers, be it HA or Non-Ha, actually ranges by its firmness to cater to delicate parts of the face. For instance, the softer fillers are use to target the under eyes, while the firmer ones are usually used in the nose and chin areas.

Be Open To The Advice Of Your Doctor

It’s always encouraged to come with the specific areas you would like work done to. However, an experienced doctor will take the time to properly analyse your whole face before giving their professional advice on the delivery of the fillers, Dr Lum explains. She takes care to look at the way your skin ages, and delivers the injections that leaves a natural finish. Sometimes what you want may not be attainable, for instance, Dr Lum gave me a quick consultation of my nose and said it might be too fleshy to give it a sharper and smaller semblance with fillers.

Fillers As Skinboosters

Another property that you might not know of that fillers can do is that it improves the skin condition, like permanently eradicating acne scars and giving your face an overall hydrated, radiant and plump lookn  . This also stimulates the body to produce its own collagen, lifting the face entirely so as to portray youthfulness and fullness.

Costs Of Treatment

Ageless Medical Centre charges are per valve which costs $800, which is mostly used up in one session.

Beauty Round-Up

To go over everything again, botox is use to relax facial muscles that soften wrinkles and expression line, while fillers add volume to the face, shapes facial features and improve skin condition.

The costs of such procedures vary due to the reputation of the brand of toxins or fillers used, and also the expertise and the skills possessed by the medical profession.

Getting botox and fillers done is  a luxury service, Dr Lum reminds us before stressing again the importance of seeing a licensed, trained and experience doctor for aesthetic treatment.

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