Brushes are essential in painting the perfect art piece. Similar to our faces dubbed as a blank canvas, face brushes help us to apply our make products the right way. One of the most important things to note is that, our base, meaning foundation has to be on point. With the right base, our makeup will be flawless and in order to get that, we need the right brushes and to know what is the purpose of each brush.

For Foundation

The Classic Foundation Brush

01 - Foundation Brush

3CE Foundation Brush #19: $40

Looking like normal paintbrushes, these flat brushes are the classic ones to apply  foundation. However, do take note that they also come in various shapes and sizes so when selecting a brush, consider the physicality of the brush in comparison to your face. If you have a small face, small features a huge brush might take up a lot of product and you will end up having to take a longer time blending the product into your skin.

The Kabuki Style

02 - Kabuki Set

SIGMA BEAUTY Sigmax® Kabuki Kit: $128

Cult brush brand Sigma, started with the kabuki trend. A kabuki brush is a thick, dense brush. There are many shapes and style such as a flat top kabuki brush or a rounded top. Sigma, being the queen of makeup brushes, also created a kabuki set that includes other types such as Flat Angled Kabuki that blends foundation easily onto hard-to-reach areas of the face. The brush fits all areas of the face seamlessly and works especially well on cheekbones and contours of the nose. Kabuki brushes are great brushes to blend your foundation. Another great option is a ZOEVA Face Shape Brush 110, it is a small brush that would be great to blend around the nose and under the eyes

Highlight & Contour

03 - Fan Brush

ZOEVA 129 Luxe Fan: $20.50

Creams and liquids have become a major trend in the beauty world to help bring out the luminosity of one’s face naturally without looking cakey or like a disco ball. So short haired or tapered brushes are perfect to blend creams seamlessly, instead of leaving streaks of colours on your face. Morphe brushes looks like the go to brushes to contour in the beauty community. YouTube Makeup Stars from Jaclyn Hill and Manny Mua use Morphe brushes like the G3 Tapered Contour and G9 Pointed Flat Brush to apply cream contours and highlighting colours. For powder highlighters, a fan brushes are the perfect tool to apply just the right amount of highlight on those cheekbones. A good tapered brush that is small enough to fit and carve out your cheekbones. (Note: Brushes effectiveness also depends on the quality of the contour palette or products that you use)

For The Apples of Your Cheeks

04 - Blush Brush

SEPHORA COLLECTION Pro Brush Angled Blush #49: $49

The blush brush is pretty straightforward. You can trust any brand when a brush is labelled cheek brush or blush brush that you can use to apply colour to your cheeks. In addition, a blush brush does not discriminate between cream blushers and powder ones, because a blush brush can blend both products effortlessly. A tip to maintain your blush throughout the day is to apply a cream blush first and add a powder one of the same colour to seal your blush. Use a light hand to blend the colour and you can also go back and reapply your blush to get the desired intensity.

Locking In Those Products

05 - Large powder brush

SEPHORA COLLECTION Large Powder Brush #30: $48

05 - Setting Brush

REAL TECHNIQUES Setting Brush: $18

Powder brushes and setting brushes can be one in the same, should you choose to use one brush to do two jobs. The two jobs being setting your face and setting your under eyes. A personal preference because after applying concealer, you would like to quickly set your under eyes so that it would not crease throughout the day. Of course you have to set your face as well, so all that hard work doesn’t fade.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule that you need to follow. If you find that using your fingers gives you the desired results then continue using it. Or using one brush to satisfy the needs of your face is also not wrong. So do not worry if you are using the wrong method or brush because if it’s working for you, it is fine.

Shader Brush/ All Over Eye Shadow Brush

ZOEVA 232 Luxe Classic Shader: $14.50

This is perhaps the most basic of eye shadow brushes that it can do almost anything. This brush applies powder and cream shadows evenly. The smallest sizes work for strategic placement of shadow, medium brushes work well to place shadow across the eye, and the largest fluff brushes work well for placement of shadow on the brow bone as a highlight. You can pat this brush to place a higher concentration of shadow or sweep for a lighter wash of colour.

Banish Those Creases

07 - Crease Brush

SIGMA BEAUTY E38 Diffused Crease Brush: $23

A little larger than a pencil brush, the crease brush is usually a bit softer and is the perfect shape for adding a little depth to the eye.

Blend It Baby

08 - Blending Brush

ZOEVA 224 Luxe Defined Crease: $14.50

Harsh lines are a no-no when it comes to makeup — so blending is key after every application These fluffy brushes are great to just brush over everything when you are done with application to pull your look together. But don’t blend too much or you might end up with muddy colours instead of a great eye look.

Smudge Out The Smudges

09 - Smudge Brush

Sephora Collection Pro Brush Smudge 11: $32

The smudge brush is an essential tool for a smoky eye look. It’s almost impossible to create a sultry, smoky eye look without a go-to smudge brush. These brushes have shorter and denser bristles than a regular blending or crease brush. A stiffer brush will “smudge” or blur the eye shadow colours without making your look dirty or muddy.

Pencil Brush

10 - Pencil Brush

Makeup Geek Brush – Pencil Brush: $8.50

Perfect for very precise application of a colour, these small brushes have a nice rounded tip. They also work for blending small areas or applying shadow to your crease. A pencil brush can also help you apply shimmer colours in the inner corner of your eyelids to brighten up the eyes.

Angled Brush

11 - Angled brush

ECOTOOLS Ecotools Eyeliner Brush: $6.90

A brush with a slanted tip makes it a bit easier to apply thin lines above the lash lines. This brush easily lines lashes with cream or gel liner or shadow. Alternatively, an angled brush can fill in and define sparse brows with brow powder.

Spoolie and Brow/Mascara Comb

12 - Lash Comb

ECOTOOLS Lash & Brow Groomer Brush: $6.90

12 - Spoolie


SIGMA BEAUTY E80 Brow and Lash Brush – Copper: $16

Spoolie is a denser, spiral brush that combs through your lashes and brows. It is much more effective due to its stiffness which is more effective for stubborn, thick brows. However it can be too harsh for our delicate skin therefore a brow/mascara comb is an alternative that helps out to brush your mascara and brow.

This is not a full proof guide to the perfect makeup brush kit. Everyone has their perfect brush kit that would be different than yours. Therefore, take time to experiment with different brushes and find what suits you the best.