The next time a man comes up to you and tells you he prefer you with a natural makeup look, aside from giving him the ultimate eye roll that you can ever muster in your life, you may also want to let him know that he is full of bull because Science says so.

Men are visual creatures. So it is only natural that lips make them excited for obvious reasons – kissing. Red lipstick accentuates the lips to look plump and voluptuous, the redness also depicts sexual receptiveness which makes women with red lipsticks more attractive and desirable, according to this study. The Daily Mail also reported that red lipstick draws attention to the mouth, especially from the opposite sex.

Red lipstick has also stirred positive reactions from people in the workplace. It is reported that not only are waitresses who wear red lipstick tipped more by the male patrons, but also women in the office are considered competent and likeable with heavier makeup.

Male attraction isn’t the only thing that revolves around the red lipstick phenomenon. Smearing on some red has given a confidence boost to women. Covergirl teamed up with Harvard University to find that women who wore red lipstick took an average of three selfies. It also goes on to say that those who wear red lipstick more than four times a week were more confident than those who wore it less.

If you already have been putting on red hues on those kissable lips, Science is giving you mad props for it! But do remember to strike a balance with this prominent colour. It will be truly bizarre if you have the perfect deep crimson red smack on your lips but you’re wearing t-shirt and shorts.