There is no definite answer to how often you should shampoo your locks and tresses because it boils down to your scalp type, which highlights the misconception that shampooing is for the hair. Instead, shampooing should target your scalp as it is the root of all hair problems.

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Sebum is an oily substance that is produce from the skin glands located near the root of the hair. Therefore, it is responsible for moisturising the hair.

So with natural moisture in your hair makes washing it every day not ideal. Shampoo traps these oils that acts as a protective barrier for the skin and hair. And the reality behind over-cleaning your hair can actually dry out the scalp, causing brittle hair.

“But it’s so gross to have a dirty and sweaty hair!” Come the cries of protests.

I’m sorry, but you will need to ride it out guys. At least for three days, if not every other day. But what about on gym days? It applies the same. Your hair will definitely be better in the long run. Promise.

Here are some tips to guide you on your unwashed hair days:

Invest in Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoos are almost essential to every non-washer of hair. It makes leaving your hair unwashed more bearable with its cleansing and oil-absorbing properties. Available in both powder form or in aerosol sprays, dry shampoo also gives your hair a volume boost! I wash my hair every three days, on the second day I would use dry shampoo to re-energise my locks.
Pro Tip: Aim your dry shampoo six inches away from roots before spraying. Use a comb to properly spread out the spray if needed.

No Fuss Fabulousness Dry Shampoo    

Revitalising Dry Shampoo

Your Hair Should Still Smell Good

Having unwashed hair doesn’t mean there should be a foul odour to it. Consider using a hair refresher that gives your hair an amazing scent and neutralises the odour. Or perhaps run a few drops of essential oils like grapeseed or peppermint oil through your hair for not only fragrance, but also other hair benefits.

Hair Fragrance

Angel Hair Mist

Lavender Essential Oil

Just Rinse, No Poo

Maybe you’re sweating up a storm from a recent workout, and you can’t afford to not to give that head of perspiration a thorough cleanse. Instead of giving into the detriments of a shampoo, how about just using a conditioner and rinsing your hair through. Remember, shampoo strips your oils while the conditioner works fine.

Renewing Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner

Coconut Oil

Here’s a personal beauty tip of mine for luxurious hair locks. After three days of unwashed hair, I like to slather coconut oil on my hair an hour before hitting the showers. It deeply conditioners and adds a healthy glow to the overall hair.

Organic Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil

Plan Your Days Ahead

If it is your first time giving this no-wash-hair routine a try, consider doing it on a weekend when you have no plans on. On days when you have an event or a gathering, I would recommend you to go with fresh and clean hair. Even though I advocate you to embrace your greasiness, nothing gives you a better feeling than a head of clean and washed hair. Plus your hair will look extra shiny after not washing for a few days!