There’s more to wearing your fashion brand on your back! Indulge in actually living with 7 of fashion brands that totally have a home collection. Resting your pair of legs on a luxurious coffee table couldn’t be anymore stylish than this!

1) Versace Home


Known for its emblems of Greek influence, Versace Home collection are always one point and super lux that one might just get a piece of furniture and not use it!

2) Tory Burch Home


This collection stems from the designer’s memories and moments from her own home. So expect a personal touch in everything you see here. What’s more, the prints of cushion covers, candles matches the clothing line Burch’s makes!

3) Vera Wang Lifestyle


It is only appropriate for this designer of wedding dresses to add a home line to seal the deal for an everlasting marriage. Plus whatever Vera Wang makes, is totally chic right?

4) Kate Spade New York Home Collection


The Kate Spade New York Home Collection might be the most relatable to women in their 20s, that is if they can afford this super chic pieces of home decor. The collection is whatever you expect from its clothing line – feminine, glamorous, modern with delightful prints like polka dots and elegant florals!

5) Hermès La Maison



Arguably the most luxury brand ever, Hermes has its own home line that embodies a clean and minimalist facade.

6) Diane Von Furstenberg


Possessing a strong belief that designing a home is the same as taking control of your life, DVF created a home line, inspired from nature and contemporary art, that not only appeals to fashion-forward customers, but also lasts forever.

7) Kenzo Maison

 photo kenzo4.jpg


Just like its clothing line, Kenzo Maison is big on colour with wacky and quirky prints that we all fell in love on the runway!