Sheet masks have been a staple beauty product in Asian skincare. Tons of celebrities swear by the holy grail of how effective sheet masks are, and putting on one sheet daily is part of their beauty regime. Sheet masks are the best way to soothe fatigue and dull skin, especially after pulling an all-nighter.

Sheet masks come with different benefits for specific skin types. Results are usually instant, leaving your face rejuvenated and hydrated after just 10 minutes of a mask session.

Here are our 5 favourite sheet masks that not only are effective, but also very affordable.

 1) Black Pearl Mask – My Beauty Diary

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Best For: Whitening

Price: $16.90 for a box of 10

Where To Buy: Watsons

Over the years, this Taiwanese brand has become the most popular sheet masks in Asia. Among the entire line of My Beauty Diary’s sheet masks, Black Pearl Mask is the fans’ favourite with noticeable whitening and brightening effect.

Typically, comes in a box of ten, though some stores sell them in single pack. These masks cost more in Singapore as compared to countries like Hong Kong or Taiwan. One good tip is to stock up on them whenever you visit those countries.

2) Green Tea Hydro Gel Mask – Innisfree

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Best For: Moisturizing

Price: $4 per sheet

Where To Buy: Innisfree

Hydro gel mask are slightly pricier due to its material that proves to be more moisturizing as compare to the usual cotton mask. The moist gel adheres tightly to the skin, delivering active ingredients to the skin and replenishes skin with moisture from deep within, without leaving the skin feeling sticky.

The Innisfree’ Green Tea Hydro Gel Mask contains green tea ingredients from Jeju island’s organic green tea fields, including camellia sinensis (green tea) leaf extract that is known to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.



 3) Essential Collagen Mask Sheet – The Face Shop

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Best For: Restoring Elasticity

Price: $3.33

Where To Buy: The Face Shop

The Face Shop offers great deals with their range of sheet mask that are inexpensive and moisturising.  Essential Collagen mask uses a simple formula that relies heavily on the positive effect collagen has on the skin, keeping the skin moist and elastic. When use regularly, it helps to repair and restore the skin’s elasticity, reducing the appearance of wrinkles which is one of the biggest concern for women.

4) Hydro Fitting Snail Mask Sheet – Skinfood

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Best For: Hydration

Price: $12.90 for a box of 5

Where To Buy: Skinfood or Qoo10

In the recent years, snail mask has been the hype. The snail mucus has properties that helps to reduce acne scars, smooth skin, clear complexion, revitalize and brighten skin. Skinfood’s Hydro Fitting Snail Mask contains snail secretion filtrate that provides moisture and nutrients, leaving skin feeling soft, hydrated and plumped.

5) I’m Real Aloe Face Mask Sheet – Tony Moly

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Best for: Gentle & Soothing

Price: $13.76 for 5 sheets

Where To Buy: Tony Moly or Lazada

Tony Moly’s I’m Real line of sheet mask has a cute packaging (brownie point!) and targets to hydrate and tighten skin in less than 20 minutes. Aloe Face Mask is a gentle and hydrating mask that comforts and soothe the face, leaving the skin plump, supple and soft.

Sheet masks are indeed great for quick skin pick-me-up. Here’s a tip: for instant cooling effect, pop them in the fridge 30 minutes or freezer 5 minutes before application.

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