Sometimes in life, you just want it all. And when I say all, I mean all the colours of the rainbow. In fact, how about literally getting the rainbow plastered on yourself with these five rainbow beauty trends that have gone viral! Ah, the internet. What a marvellous thing to exist.



Someone made a rainbow into a highlighter palette. Yes, for reals.  This magical shade was found in an Etsy shop online, and have since been wiped out by rainbow-obsession beauty junkies. Also called “Prism” by its owner, it has been resold for over $1000 on ebay!


  • Rainbow Eyelashes


Batting one’s eyelashes is the universal way of sending flirtatious signals to someone you fancy. So what does to mean when you bat those lashes in the colours of a rainbow? Magic perhaps. Try achieving the look by using different coloured mascaras and applying them on small sections of your lashes to create the effect.


  • Rainbow Eyebrows


Fancy rainbow lashes? How about rocking the rainbow brows which we are sure will give you life in this cold, grey world. Don’t worry about a permanent commitment to this multi-coloured look, instead you may rock the looks on certain days with the Electric Palette from Urban Decay Cosmetics!


  • Rainbow Freckles


A splatter of colourful dots might not be pratical for a daily beauty look. But it serves a reminder that it’s about creative expression when it comes to makeup! Experience this pretty and shocking look with strategic placement of dots if you ever feel like taking this up a notch.


  • Secret Rainbow Hair


We understand the reluctance of a huge commitment, and the beauty industry has helped in so many ways for the fickle-minded girls with styles the come in many variations. One of which is the secret rainbow hair trend which has its own kind of magic. The hair trend basically dyes the hair underneath the colours of the rainbow, leaving the top your hair’s natural colour.