The K-Pop wave isn’t the only wave hitting the shores of the entire world. The obsession with K-Beauty products(from skincare to cosmetics to haircare) is on an all time high this year with its unique applications and affordable prices. Taking the American-dominated beauty industry by storm, here are 4 of the revolutionary Korean beauty fever that has swept us all off our feet:

1. Skincare

In Korea, the definition of beauty is proportionate to clear and perfect skin. Hence, skin care products are marketed more than cosmetic products as attaining the fresh, natural “no-makeup” makeup look which is trending now, comes with having spotless skin. Some of the innovative skin care products stems from masking your face in many different ways. Here are some of the skincare products:

i. Sheet masks(Snail, Prints, etc.)






ii. Carbonated bubble masks

iii. Modeling mask

SHANGPREE Gold Premium Modeling Mask_1


iv. Waterless products



2. Cushion Compacts

For a fresh, natural “no-makeup” makeup look with dewy skin.



Cushion compacts are basically BB/CC cream condensed inside a sponge which in turn, prevents spillage. The convenience that comes with the cushion compact as it enables the retouching of makeup without having to bring out a tube of cream and deal with the aftermath on our fingers is definitely a plus point for all makeup lovers. The applicator puff is able to yield a consistent layer of just the right amount of product once pressed thus it results in a weightless, build-able coverage.

3. Peel-off Cosmetics

Peel-off makeup are essentially in the form of eyebrow tints and lip tints where you’ll apply them on wet, wait for them to dry and then peel them off. The resulting image is a temporary stain that can last as long as 12 hours.



Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack colors


Riding the hype of peel-off cosmetics, there are presently many ranges of different brands that produce them, though Etude House eyebrow tint and Berrisom lip tint seems to be the more popular choice online.

4. Scalp Care

The gist of the latest trend by the Korean beauty world is pretty simple: It is the deviation from the importance of strand care to scalp care. Apparently, Koreans has been particularly diligent on monitoring the health of their scalp, and scalp exfoliators, or scalp scalers, to be exact, are imperative in their hair care routine.



As the scalp sheds dead skin cells and gets overlaid in layers of product build-up from the likes of hair masks, sprays, dry shampoo and etc. Scalp scalers are especially designed to counter all the grime and dead skin cells from our scalp while still keeping our hair follicles in a good condition hence it is unlike normal shampoos. The uses of the scalp scaler is thought to limit premature hair loss and possibly aid in the growth of hair. It is also treated as a “shampoo booster” step as it supposedly preps the scalp to receive the cleansing benefits of shampoos.

I’m not too sure about you but though I have not tried most of the products listed here, it intrigues me enough to want to get them and try it out due to how inventive and unique they are. So what do you think? Has these Korean trends caught your eyes as much as it did for me? Let me know!