Living in Singapore’s intolerable humid climate, it is difficult to find a moisturiser that fits us. However, our skin can’t be neglected just because of that!

Dry and crackly skin is the worst, especially for ladies with dry skin-type like me. If I do not put on moisturiser immediately after getting out of the shower, my legs will start itching in no time.

Instead of suffering with snake-like scaly skin, I’ve flipped stores and done my research to find the ones that suit my skin, as well as Singapore’s weather. Here is a compilation of moisturisers that are worth the hype.

*Prices may vary

Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner Intensive


For those who are too lazy to apply moisturiser after getting out of the shower, here’s a solution for you. Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner Intensive ($7.90) is the first rinse-off moisturiser, specially created for people like you.

If you hate the sticky feeling while waiting for your moisturiser to soak in, and wish to jump straight into bed after showering, this will be a must-buy for you.

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser

Vaseline Spray Moisturiser, in Aloe Soothe & Dry Skin Repair

Designed for those who are always on the go, this provides even coverage and quick absorption, making it quick and fuss-free. Vaseline Spray Moisturiser ($11.90) leaves the skin soft and supple, while its non-greasy formula makes it perfect for Singapore’s humid weather. We do not need the extra stickiness on our skin when we already have perspiration to cope with.

Aloe Soothe aids in sunburns, suitable for recovering skin. Dry skin is meant for people like me, who are in constant need for moisture.

Despite the convenience and efficiency, I do not recommend this for those who are still schooling. Let’s be honest here, this sh*t is hella expensive for the amount it contains.

Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk


Formulated to be non-sticky and thin in consistency, the Nivea Intensive Moisture Body Milk ($9.90) is infused with a high concentration of Vitamin E, guaranteeing soft and smooth touch even for the ones with the most dehydrated skin.

I’ve been using this since this moisturiser ever since it has been released, and I have to say that this is the most worth for money. The light consistency allows me to layer it on without waiting too long for it to be completely absorbed into my skin.

This also kick start my journey to stop using those environmentally unfriendly and pricey moisturising sprays.

Watsons Spray Moisturiser

Watsons Spray Moisturiser

On the flipside, if you’re looking to have the best of both worlds, the Watsons Spray Moisturiser ($3.50) gives you just what you need. Convenient and affordable, this is suitable for those who require efficiency without having to break the bank. Infused with aloe vera and argan oil, this is definitely worth w try.

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