Fashionistas have turn to Instagram to share their desirable outfits. We’re often faced with a mix of envy and admiration for those who take the effort to dress up everyday. Admit it, you would steal their entire wardrobe if you could!

1. Chloe Ting


Chloe Ting’s ever-changing style keeps her outfits fun and exciting. The Australian Youtuber throws on a Coachella inspired outfit by pairing a unique tie-up heels with a lace bralette underneath the see-through maxi dress.

2. Tammy Tay


Being a mother of two while handling an online business may seem too tough to handle, but the owner of Ohsofickle still keeps it fashionable with a casual chic get-up. To combat Singapore’s humidity, a lightweight top is matched with high-waist shorts for a lady who has to always be on the go.

3. Vivy Yusof


Another working mum on the list, Vivy Yusof embraces her culture with style. With a cream coloured hijab, the entrepreneur complements it with a blue top and pointed heels for a casual formal look.

4. Wengie


The No.1 Asian beauty Youtuber in Australia reminds of a timeless classic – the LBD. Wengie perfected the outfit by contrasting the maxi dress with her pale skin tone, light-coloured hair, and nude heels.

5. Rihanna


It is widely known that Rihanna has great style, but she definitely took it to a whole new level with those denim pointed heels. They are simply to-die-for! Short-shorts fit nicely with those thigh-length boots, accompanied by a badass leather jacket to finish off the look.

6. Demi Lovato


Demi Lovato shows off her awesome body with a body-hugging vest, while keeping it classy and high fashion with a black blazer hanging on her shoulders. The singer-songwriter matched the top with a leopard print pants to keep the outfit looking fun and offbeat.

7. Aylna


Rocking vampy red lips, Aylna keeps it casual and stylish with her outfit. Themed blue and white, she jazzed the similar prints by matching the horizontally lined top with a vertically striped outerwear. Who says you can’t pull off stripes on stripes?

8. Szes Zhang

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Szes Zhang’s style leans towards looking minimalist, which is absolutely the in-thing right now. A shoelace detail is added to the plain black dress for a quirky touch. Accompanied with a black tote bag, flats, and dark sunglasses, the Singaporean blogger pulled off the monochrome look effortlessly.

9. Lee Qiao Er/ Elizabeth


The Singaporean actress shines gracefully with the flowy halter dress. A dainty pair of white heels complements the sundress to achieve a style that is both flamboyant and elegant.

10. Sonya Esman


Russian fashion Blogger, Sonya Esman, brings out a carefree and joyful vibe with a white lace Lolita dress. The silver choker and white-rim sunglasses adds a finishing touch to the sunshine and fun-loving look.